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Mfg Part Number :
185420 (original transmitter)

Suunto D6i Air / Nitrox Hoseless Computer with Transmitter

Suunto D6i Air / Nitrox Hoseless Computer with Transmitter Customer reviews see below

Air & Nitrox Compatible


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Customer Reviews for Suunto D6i Air / Nitrox Hoseless Computer with Transmitter:

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Average Customer Review: based on 2 reviews.

Rating: Review by 20 year Diver
Reviewer: Evan K.
I would have to say from starting back in the day diving with tables, and always runining your dive plan via the tables before hand and only having anlog depth and air things have changed a lot. With that being said I stated diving with the US Divers Maxtrix computer in 1998 its very simple and very user findly. I find the Sunnto D6i to be user fiendly however you must learn the watch and the functions and many different capabalities. Its a sold dive computer that once leern any diver would love, however just like anything new it takes time to learn. Overall I would rate this computer a 4 star of of 5 star because its takes a lot of time to learn it and there is no hot swap date, therefore you cant save your data at point of battery change.

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Rating: Great watch, better computer
Reviewer: Chris Timmerman
I was drawn to the D6i because I wanted a nice dive computer from a brand with a great reputation, but also wanted to wear it as a badge of "scuba honor". Im not a professional diver, so my dive computer is only going to be used a handful of times a year, so why not spend a little more and be able to use it as a watch and wear it year round, its a great conversation starter! The computer functions well and the air integration is better than I expected. The computer has more functions then I will probably ever use, but is still very user friendly. Suuntos software is also very easy to use and has plenty of dive information. The compass on the watch itself is very nice and works much better than expected, my manual compass is now stored away in my bcd! This computer is a powerhouse for any recreational diver!

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