VR Technology NHe03 Air/Nitrox Wrist Computer NHEO3 009311

Mfg Part #: NHEO3

Air & Nitrox Compatible

  • Air/nitrox/closed circuit
  • Same power and performance of the VR3, but more streamlined and easy to use
  • Easily upgradeable to Trimix and Closed Circuit
  • Faster & more user friendly screen navigation
  • VPM (Variable Permeability Model) algorithm available upgrade
  • Ability to toggle between decompression algorithms between dives
  • No Lockouts due to decompression violations during or after a dive
  • Use with open, semi or fully closed circuit breathing equipment
  • Up to 60 hours of dive logging
  • Up to 99 levels of decompression
  • Dive plan mode: enter gases, depth, and time, and the unit calculates a list of stops
  • Dive profile graphing during and after dives
  • Heavy duty, durable aluminum case construction
  • Automatically switches to large graphics mode for easy viewing
  • Gas blending function
  • Fully programmable with up to 10 gases which can be switched at any time during a dive
  • Ability to change gas lists at anytime during the dive
  • User changeable Imperial/Metric
  • User changable battery
  • PC downloading cable optional (see below to order)
  • DEPTH: 1000 Feet

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