Sherwood Profile Air / Nitrox Computer CR0509 009095

Mfg Part #: CR0509

Sherwood Profile Air / Nitrox Computer

With Wrist Mount Add $10.00
With Hose Mount Add $10.00
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You Save:

Air & Nitrox Compatible

  • Brand new & completely redesigned 
  • Not like most other sites that sell the old discontinued model
  • FREE Computer Gauge Guard included 
  • Graphical ascent display
  • Visual alarms
  • Automatic altitude adjustable
  • Extended depth readings to 330 feet / 100 meters
  • Decompression stops & times from 10-60 feet / 3-18 meters
  • Full Function Dive Computer
  • Nitrox Programmable (21-50%)
  • Ease of Use
  • User changeable Imperial/Metric
  • 50 Dive log book
  • Backlit Hydroglow Display for Night Diving
  • User Changeable Batteries
  • Temperature readout
  • AVAILABLE STYLES: Wrist (as shown), Module, or Hose Mount


Customer Reviews for Sherwood Profile Air / Nitrox Computer:

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Rating: Computer
Reviewer: marco t.  -  View all my reviews
Good product ,good price

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10 out of 16 people found this review helpful.

Rating: great product great service
Reviewer: David Cory Hugg
I recently purchased two of these computers for my sons who just completed their Jr. Open Water certification. had the best price by far, and I received them in the middle east very quickly. We just returned from a dive trip, and the computers performed well beyond my expectations. They are very straightforward, are easy to use, and the data is easily to read, and later, easy to retrieve. I myself have used a suunto for years, but it has a steep learning curve, and I have to read the manual before each use. These profiles by Sherwood have won me over. My 10 year old can slap it on his wrist, dive in the water and understand all of the data, be reminded of the importance of a slow ascent rate, and have all of the data available to him either on the boat or later in the evening when he fills out his dive log. Great computer!

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Questions and Answers for Sherwood Profile Air / Nitrox Computer:

  • GP:

    Does this unit have a "Safety Stop Timer"?

    Darrick  (Certified Scuba Instructor at

    Hello GP, yes this will give you your safety stops and the decompression stops and times to as deep as 60' is the need was there. If you would like to place an order or have any other questions please feel free to give us a call at 1.800.347.2822.

  • tracy:

    How does this down load to your home computer? Need extra cables or is it wireless? Also, is it Mac compatable?

    Bill  (Certified Scuba Instructor at

    The Profile in not PC down-loadable.

  • Ursula:

    What is that wrist mount for ?

    Aaron  (Certified Scuba Instructor at

    Hi Ursula, The computer comes as a module by itself. Wrist mount lets you wear it like a watch.

  • Ursula:

    What are these upgrades for? UPGRADES: With Wrist Mount Add $5.00 USD With Hose Mount Add $5.00 USD

    Aaron  (Certified Scuba Instructor at

    Hi Ursula, The computer comes as a module by itself. Upgrades are the way you can attach your computer. You can use a wrist mount and wear it like a watch. Another upgrade is the hose mount, this way you can attach your computer to a gauge hose. Pricing can change every day.

  • Wenbo:

    Besides feet, does this computer support meter also?

    Darrick  (Certified Scuba Instructor at

    Hello Wendo, yes this computer supports both imperial (feet) and Metric (meters). You would just need to change the format of the display.

  • Zen:

    What is the diameter? I have a 45mm boot from an old spg that I would like to fill. Can you recommend anything else?

    Bill  (Certified Scuba Instructor at

    The sizes on the modules have changed in the last few years. It is difficult to tell what will fit. You might want to contact the manufacture to see if they can suggest a solution.

COMPUTERS: ProFile Computer - Navigational Console

Navigational Console -
Whether you’re 60’ down or 260’ down, you want exceptional reliability. You also want a computer that’s easy to read and makes sense. ProFile satisfies both requirements.

ProFile has one of the most intuitive displays available today. Color indicating bands and a logical layout of readouts provide information at a glance.

ProFile’s time-tested algorithm reliably calculates, updates and displays no decompression limits throughout your dive and if you get into a decompression situation it will give information for stops as deep as 60 feet. This practical dive computer also features:


• Analog ascent rate indicator with warnings.

• Visual alarms.

• HydroGlow backlit display for easy reading in low light situations.

• Automatic altitude compensation to 14,000 feet.

• Temperature readout.

• User replaceable batteries.

• Standard or metric unit selectivity.

• Available in console, wrist mount, hose mount and capsule only configurations.

• Easy console upgrades: ProFile fits all current Sherwood consoles and can be used as a replacement for the depth gauge.

• Air/Nitrox or Gauge operating mode.

• Deep stop reminder – conforms to latest theories recommending deep stops for dives that exceed 80 feet.

• Digital and bar graph indicators for nitrogen, oxygen limits and ascent rate.

• Log book data: up to 50 dives.

• Consumer replaceable battery.

• Economical companion to Wisdom 2.

• Easy console upgrade: Profile fits all current Sherwood consoles and can replace depth gauge.

• Excellent entry level computer.

Dive Mode

• Nitrox mode.
• Deepest depth – current dive.
• Dive time.
• Current depth.
• Dive Time remaining (NDL).
• Bar graphs – maximum nitrogen load and maximum ascent rate last dive.

Log Mode

• Screen 1 indicator.
• Water temperature – last dive.
• Surface interval before dive.
• Maximum depth last dive.
• Dive time.

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