Ocean Reef MHA-2 Microphone with Headset Assembly OR033136 230226

Mfg Part #: OR033136
  • This unit can be used under a suit hood or with the OCEAN REEF H08 Helmet (see below to order)
  • The headset, made with two special speakers, is connected to the main unit by a cable and waterproof rubber connector
  • The underwater rubber connection makes it possible to disconnect the unit from the headset/mask system during a dive
  • This unit is especially recommended for divers working in loud environments or for those wearing a hood or the H08 Helmet

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Questions and Answers for Ocean Reef MHA-2 Microphone with Headset Assembly:

  • Joe:

    Hi... Wanting a simple setup were as the Tour leader has a FF Mask with coms & would need x18 receivers so leader can talk to clients. Do the helmets aid in warmth also...? If so would also be looking at x20 helmets of varing sizes. therefore looking to purchase based on your reckomendations the following -x1 Full Face mask with coms, x18 Receivers that will be used with standard masks & x20 Ocean Reef Helmets. Thanks & regards Joe

    Bob  (Certified Scuba Instructor at Scuba.com):

    For a use of this magnitude we would refer you to the manufacturer directly. Your needs/use is a little bit outside the scope of typical recreational scuba uses. You can reach them Monday through Friday 9am to 4pm Pacific time at: Ocean Reef 1205 Linda Vista Dr. San Marcus, California 92069 Tel: 760-744-9430 Fax: 760-744-9525 Email: production.usa@oceanreefgroup.com

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