Ocean Reef M-105 Mixer OR006512 230219

Mfg Part #: OR006512

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OR006512 - Ocean Reef M105 Mixer

M105 Mixer (code OR006512)

This accessory allows for the connection between the M105 Digital/M105 Digital DC to an external amplifier or recorder.
The Mixer takes its power directly from the M105 and does not need a separate battery. Audio output cables (w/RCA
connectors) are not included.

Works With:

M105 Digital (code OR033126)
The M105 Digital is a surface to diver communication unit which allows surface personnel to
talk with divers in the water and vice versa. The unit uses a 6V DC lead battery, allowing up
to 48 hours of operation, or may be hardwired to a 12V DC source. The system is activated
only when the transducer is connected, preventing unwanted loss of battery power. To start
communication, the transducer must be lowered into the water; the standard cable length for
the transducer is 10m (33 ft). Transmission is activated by pressing the microphone button,
which will emit a short beep letting divers know transmission is about to begin. It will return
to receive mode when the button is released.


M105 Digital DC (code OR033128)

This unit has the same characteristics as the M105 Digital, but with
the addition of a second channel. The operator may easily switch
from channel 1 to channel 2. When switching between channels, a
recorded message informs the operator of which channel has been


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