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Ocean Technology Buddy Phone Interspiro Aga Full-Face Mask

Ocean Technology Buddy Phone Interspiro Aga Full-Face Mask Customer reviews see below

    • 2nd Stage Regulator
    • Head Strap
    • Low Profile Visor
    • On demand, air travels across the face lens limiting fogging and cooling your face
    • Comfortable oral nasal cavity
    • Since you have no regulator in your mouth, jaw fatigue is elimated
    • The ability to breath through your nose alleviates dry mouth
    • A port located on the front of the Full Face Mask allows microphone positioning in front of the users mouth ensuring clear communication
    • The Buddy Phone tranceiver mounts nicely on the side of the Interspiro Full Face Mask
    • Uses ultrasonic upper single sideband for transmission
    • Provides moderate range and clear diver-to-diver voice communication
    • Squelch circuit eliminates biological noises
    • NOMINAL RANGE: 50 to 500 meters depending on Sea Conditions and noise levels
    • OPERATING DEPTH: 130 Feet of Sea Water
    • BATTERY TYPE: 9 volt
    • BATTERY LIFE: 8 to 10 hours

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Rating: Buddy Phone
Reviewer: James Athey  -  View all my reviews
These worked great for us (bought 4) and I would definately recommend them. Simple and easy to use! James

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