Ocean Technology Mantis Buddy Phone 900408-001 027150

Mfg Part #: 900408-001
  • Specifically designed as an acoustic underwater telephone for the Mantis full face mask (mask not included)
  • Able to equalize like a standard scuba mask
  • Utilizes new super mic which is noise cancelling and fully floodable to any depth
  • Fully customizable to use your 2nd stage regulator
  • Uses ultrasonic upper single sideband for transmission
  • Provides moderate range and clear diver-to-diver voice communication
  • NOMINAL RANGE: 50 to 500 meters depending on Sea Conditions and noise levels
  • OPERATING DEPTH: 130 Feet of Sea Water
  • BATTERY TYPE: 9 volt
  • BATTERY LIFE: 8 to 10 hours

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MTS-BUD Buddy Phone for Mantis FFM (Does NOT include the mask)

Nominal Range - 50 to 500

Transmission Type - Ultrasound using upper single sideband (USB)

Transmit Output Power - 0.5 watts PEP

Standard Frequency (PEP) - Recall & tone Freq. A (Channel 1): 32.768 kHz USB
Freq. B (Channel 4): 31.250 kHz

Audio Bandwidth 300 to 3,000 Hz

Automatic Gain Control Greater than 80 dB

Earphone Ceramic

Microphone ME-16R Hot-Mic (Dynamic) or Super Mic (Standard)(Ceramic)

Transducer Ceramic cylinder

Battery Type: Alkaline 9V or Ultralife® lithium 9V or 9V Li-polymer rechargeable. Batteries not included

Maximum Operating Depth 130 feet in sea water (fsw)

Weight in Air 8.1 oz


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