Ocean Technology WT-MK2 Wireless Tender System 900299-011 131382

Mfg Part #: 900299-011
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  • Free 4AA Rechargeable Batteries and Charger included
  • Designed to operate with any hardwire comm
  • Works with most existing diver intercom systems operating in fourwire mode
  • Works with the MK2-DCI (see below to order)
  • Base unit connects to the diver intercom
  • Transmits to a wireless transceiver unit to the tender
  • Headset with boom microphone included
  • Nominal Range: up to 820ft
  • Battery Life - 5 Hrs
  • Battery Low Indicator Light

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  • Steve:

    Hi, Can you tell me what technology and equipment could be used to communicate from a person on land to another person in a submersible up to 1500 ft in depth in ocean water? Thanks!

    Bob  (Certified Scuba Instructor at Scuba.com):

    Nothing that we are aware of in recreational scuba.

WT-MK2 Wireless Tender - Wireless tender system (four wire mode operation)

The WT-MK2 Wireless Tender is designed to operate with any hard-wire communication system that will function in the fourwire mode and that has front-panel banana-type connectors. It comes in two parts: 1) an electronics module (WT-MK2) designed to interface with the diver communication intercom, and 2) a remote transceiver and headset with boom microphone (the Tender Unit).

The WT-MK2 is a radio transceiver that, when connected to a four-wire hard-wire communication intercom, will provide full duplex communications between the tender and the diver(s). The manufacturer of the full-duplex radios claims a maximum range of ¼ mile. However, we have found that environmental (e.g., weather) conditions dramatically affect the range. We estimate a nominal range of between 75 yards and ¼ mile.

The unit comes standard with 4 AA NiCad rechargeable batteries and a battery charger. With freshly charged batteries, the WT-MK2 and Tender Unit will operate for approximately 5 hours.


Communication specifics will differ greatly depending on the comm unit you are interested in. Below are some general answers to frequently asked questions. For more detailed information see product specs or contact your OTS salesperson.

1. How much range do you get with OTS comms?

The range greatly depends on the unit in which you buy. For wireless units you can expect to get anywhere between 50 m and 1500 m range, depending on the unit. For hard-wire your range will be the length of your ComRope.

2. Are all OTS comms compatible with one another?

All wireless units will communicate with one another as long as the divers are within range and on the same channel. However, you cannot communicate between wireless and hard-wire. Hard-wire units can talk to hard-wire units and wireless with wireless.

3. Can my OTS comms work with another brand of communications?

Although we cannot guarantee the quality of the communications in doing this, yes, our communications can work with competitor products, as long as you are on the same channel and within range. For best and guaranteed results, OTS comms should be used with OTS comms.

4. How long do communications last when operating using batteries?

There is no set answer on this. This is entirely based on the amount of communicating you are doing. The more you communicate the more battery power you use.

5. Can I integrate my communications system directly into my camera?

Absolutely! For those interested in getting the best sounding audio into their camera, we have a setup for you by wiring the comms directly to your camera. For more information contact an OTS salesperson.

6. What is the difference between a Hot Mic and a Super Mic?

The Hot Mic is a noise canceling, dynamic microphone that is the best sounding underwater microphone on the market. It is limited to being flooded when taken to depth. In other words, you do not want to flood it and continue to take it any deeper than 10 or 12 ft . The Super Mic can be flooded and taken to any depth with no problem. The sound quality is lower with the Super Mic as you are sacrificing sound quality for waterproofing.

7. If I have an Interspiro or another company’s buddy phone or EM assembly can I use it in my Guardian? If not, can it be adapted for use in my Guardian?

Each mask has its own Buddy Phone or EM assembly configuration. While it’s the same product, the way in which they are installed are different. Therefore, an Interspiro communication unit cannot be used on any other mask and vice versa. You must purchase the comm unit that goes with the mask you are using.

8. Can my wireless equipment talk to an MK2-DCI or ComBox?

No, as stated above (#2), wireless equipment must be used with wireless and hard-wire with hard-wire. It will not work.

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