Ocean Reef M-105 Headset 8589 029073

Mfg Part #: 8589

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8589 = Ocean Reef M105 Headset


PTT button: it is a magnetic one, positioned right below the headset connector on the main unit

Headset and microphone assembly with adjustable volume.

8 Pin plug to connect the headset with microphone.

Connect the headset to the main unit, the unit turns on automatically upon connection.

Do not get the headset wet


When speaking to divers, keep in mind that they have a lot of things going
on while underwater. It is better to have divers attention before starting
the communication

Talk slowly and clearly

Do not make long sentences

A good exercise is to make them repeat what they understood.


Do not use solvents (such as diluents) to clean the unit. They can cause
irreparable damage. Only use neutral detergents.

Do not twist the microphone cable.

Do not expose the unit to direct sunlight.

Routinely clean the microphone contacts and check the integrity of the
hydrophobic membrane and the casing. If the microphone is flooded, it CANNOT
BE recovered and must be replaced.

Do not touch the hydrophobic membrane with any sharp objects that may damage


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