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Ocean Reef Surface Air Valve

Ocean Reef Surface Air Valve Customer reviews see below

  • Connects to the older Neptune II NIRA octopus port which allows you to breathe on the surface with the mask on instead of your tank

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Rating: oceanreef surface air valve
Reviewer: moniu monev  -  View all my reviews
Being user of the surface valve,I think that I did escape one of the most common problems while surfacing.Usually managing easily octopus or regulators are not applicable for this kind of hi-end equipment. Because of the construction,and the purpose of the full face mask, take some time to be fine adjusted, using the valve I can spare some air while preparing for diving,as well as surfacing, It so easy to use -while you are not under water -just turn it on,and you can freely breath air without removing the mask as well as any of your other equipment I would suggest adding this additional device

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Rating: Surface Air
Reviewer: James Athey  -  View all my reviews
This is a must for any full face mask in order to conserve your tank air at the surface! James

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