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Patco Aqua Heat Wet Suit Heater

  • Extends bottom time, keeps you warm and adds comfort
  • Can Be Used With All Wetsuits
  • Temperature Control Setting insures constant temperature
  • 12 volt system allows you to streamline by using same battery pack for heat pad and light head, therefore keeping bulk and weight down
  • Battery pack attaches to tank or tucks into BC pocket, cord runs inside suit to pad, on chest or back
  • Rated to 160 feet
  • Heating pad heats to 100F, then drops several degrees before reheating.
  • Watts/Heating Time - Times are approximate:
    • Single Pad Heater (One Neoprene Pad 14" x 11" included)
      • 25watts/5 hours, 35watts/3 hours, 50watts/2.5 hours
    • Double Pad Heater (Two Neoprene Pads 14" x 11" included)
      • 50watts/2.5 hours, 70watts/1.7 hours, 100watts/1 hour
  • Lower wattage lasts longer for extended range and deeper dives (Ice, Caving, Wreck, Research)
  • Higher wattage heats faster


Double Pad Heater - 50 Watt ADD $77.95
Double Pad Heater - 70 Watt ADD $77.95
Double Pad Heater - 100 Watt ADD $77.95

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