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H2O Used Bifocal Opt Lens Left - 9028122

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H2O Used Bifocal Opt Lens Left

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  • For Use With Ocean Quest Pacific Mask, Alpha 2 Mask, Ocean Master Z2, Tusa Liberator One, Sherwood Magnum 2, Genesis Mach 4, Liberator Plus


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Customer Reviews for Scubamax Bifocal Opt Lens Left:

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Rating: Nice to see equipment
Reviewer: William Hutchison,  - View all my reviews
Works as advertised. My mistake was putting them on a mask that I ultimately decided against using. Great to me able to see my watch and gauges. Probably would have done one eye at a time in case I changed masks.

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20 out of 40 people found this review helpful.

Rating: Not that Great
Reviewer: JOHN P.,  - View all my reviews
the portion of the lens with the correction is not TALL enough (top to bottom height). if just a little bit of water gets in the mask it covers up the corrected portion. the corrected portion needs to be at least twice as tall as these are.

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Rating: bi focal
Reviewer: Michael Weresch,  - View all my reviews
to small to be any use

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Rating: not really worth it
Reviewer: William K.,  - View all my reviews
I found the close up portion of the lenses to be too small and too low in my field of vision. Next time I will splurge and get the full lenses.

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59 out of 119 people found this review helpful.

Rating: Old Eyes
Reviewer: Stephen H.,  - View all my reviews
After fighting it for years, I finally came to the conclusion that my near vision was making it very difficult to see my computer and camera controls underwater. These lenses restored sharp vision. If you dont know what diopter you need, go down to the local retail pharmacy and try on the various reading glasses that come in set diopters. I determined that I needed +2.0, and this was exactly right when the mask came. My only suggestion is that you only need one lens on one side (dominant eye) as it is very difficult to actually look through both right and left lenses at the same time at something close. I mainly just looked through the left lens.

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Rating: bifocal lens
Reviewer: thierry vulliet,  - View all my reviews
exactly what i need and very easy to change on my mask thanks a lot vulls

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Rating: Bifocal Opt Lens +3.5
Reviewer: Montiel R.,  - View all my reviews
i like the correction all the way across the bottom of my field of view its easier to read my computer, etc.

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96 out of 189 people found this review helpful.

Rating: Mixed results
Reviewer: Stephen M.,  - View all my reviews
i would caution people not to expect too much or to be aware that above and underwater needs can vary. i use +2.5 reading lenses on the surface and hoped the +2.5 s would help in reading gauges and wrist computer. they dont really, and the line resulting from the ion doesnt help either. i will probably put the original lenses (which they send to you) back in.

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Rating: Tusa Liberator bifocal lens
Reviewer: Laura A Kilty,
It is nice to be able to order a lens for us older scuba divers so that we can easily see our gauges and camera settings. The liberator stock lenses were nice to order online however I found after trying them out in the pool with my underwater camera that they were not constructed correctly. With the liberator mask on my face and swimming in the scuba position I am usually looking through the top of my masks lens. Unfortunately the stock bifocal lens is set too low in the mask to be useful. The bifocal needs to be higher by at least 1 cm and the optical center of the bifocal lens needs to be closer to the inner aspect of the lens to account for the near interpupillary distance. Opticians, optometrists, or ophthalmologists need to be consulted to construct these lenses so they are more functional. I am an eye doctor so I know what would work better optically.

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Rating: Odyssey Bifocal Opt Lens Left
Reviewer: Robert Williams,  - View all my reviews
Works great. However, get just one. You cant use both bifocals at the same time, and one is plenty for checking gauges. Alternatively I would consider getting one full lens with the distance Rx and one with a near Rx. It is hard to see small things with the near correction positioned low, like a bifocal.

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133 out of 273 people found this review helpful.

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