Lawrence Factor Compressor Filter.. CX-53240 030379

Mfg Part #: CX-53240

Lawrence Factor Compressor Filter..

M-02-ST Add $37.00
X-cell-10 Add $37.00
X-cell-20 Add $65.00
M-06-ST Add $88.00
Clean-1 Add $5.00
Clean-3 Add $46.00
M-04-ST Add $39.00
Pure BA Add $85.00
Clean BA Add $41.00
Hyper Add $218.00
Hyper Twin Add $112.00
Hyper Portable Add $69.00
  • Works with Lawrence Factor Systems models:
    • M-02-ST
    • X-Cell-10
    • X-Cell-20
    • M-06-ST
    • Clean-1
    • Clean-3
    • Dry-1
    • M-04-ST
    • Pure BA
    • Clean BA
    • Hyper
    • Hyper Twin
    • Hyper Portable
  • Avoid compressor down time by always keeping extra filters on hand
  • Purifies breathing air by removing contaminates such as water, carbon, oil, hydrocarbons as well as taste and odor particles
  • Variable filter life based upon CFM of compressor, filter model and running temperature

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