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Manta Senior (SR) Reel

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Manta Senior (SR) Reel Customer reviews see below

  • Spring loaded AFS (anti-free spool) system mechanically prevents free fallling and free spooling of the line
  • Will not backlash or birds nest
  • All hardware stainless steel
  • Solid one piece UHMW plastic spool
  • Adjustable tension control
  • Designed for deploying liftbags
  • Three line choices available
    • 600 feet of #24 Braided nylon line
    • 320 feet of #36 Braided nylon line
    • 230 feet of #60 Braided nylon line
320´ #36 ADD $12.76
230´ #60 Rescue Line ADD $21.55

Titanium Folding BC Knife $29.95

Scuba Divers Duffel Bag $39.95

Stainless Steel Underwater Safety Shears $9.95


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Rating: Big reel
Reviewer: john matthews  -  View all my reviews
I already purchased the Manta Jr. and bought this as a backup reel. Manta SR. work great but is LAGER than the Manta Jr (for obvious reasons). Both are great reels.

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