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Rating: Great reel
Reviewer: Eddie M.
I use this as an anchor line for my kayak, and it works great,. It helps to keep things neat in the small space. As for the reel itself, it has a good ratchet action , free spools well, and winds up easily. It is very well made and seem that it will hold up well.

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Rating: Scubamax Reel Review - Scuba Gear Customer Reviews
Reviewer: Bruce M.
I purchased 2 of these to use as anchor lines for my 15 ft fishing kayaks. So far they have done the trick! Keeps line in place both on the boat and in the water. Ratchet allows you to let out just enough line, so you never have to deal with anchor line tangles again! Love it!

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Rating: perfect
Reviewer: Kristopher B.
use for kayak anchor. works very well

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Rating: Affordable purchase
Reviewer: Gerald H.
This is a nice dive reel. I primarily use it for my safety sausage, due to not being cave certified. The reel itself is a little large, however, I have not had any problems with tangling, bird nesting, etc. This reel is a an excellent purchase for the price, especially if you dont find yourself using it on every dive.

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Rating: You Get What You Pay For
Reviewer: Jeff D.
I found the reel to be in good working is a better float reel than a cavern safety reel. If you want a float reel this will be a good purchase. If you want a cavern safety reel I think you should invest a little more money and get a quality reel.

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Rating: Good entry level reel
Reviewer: Michael Smith  -  View all my reviews
Im an active instructor and was looking for a reel to use for teaching nav and wreck penetration. This is certainly not of Dive Rite or Hollis quality, but it is perfectly fine for navigation. I would be hesitant to use it for deep wreck penetration, but its fine for basics and teaching. First thing to do is lay it out and mark every 5ft, with a different color, mark 15ft, 50ft and 100ft. Just remember, wrapping it around the wreck shortens the measured distance.

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Rating: Recommended by a friend, Purchased for safety!
Reviewer: Frank Ostermiller
I was recently in Cozumel, and I had a reel on my BC that was fairly new. When I splashed, the reel went to free mode, ran out about 30 feet of line before I noticed it and got tangled in the boat prop! Luckily the prop wasnt turning, or I could have been sucked into it. Right then and there I decided to invest in a better reel. This reel has a click latch that prevents unwanted unreeling. It has a heavier line than my old reel, and I believe it will stand up to the test of time. I must confess I looked at this reel when I purchased my old one, but I chose to save about five dollars. I know now that five dollars could have meant my life! Better equipment means better safety!

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Rating: Scubamax Reel
Reviewer: todd p.  -  View all my reviews
So far this reel has done an excellent job. Ive used It to trail a dive flag and I attach it to my kayak when yak diving. No jams or tangles thus far

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Rating: Best reel for the price
Reviewer: Benjamin Kim
Its not that expensive and has a good line guide with spool prevention. The only problem Id had with it is that the line got severed, and I had to surface to fix it using a screwdriver. It got all tangled up. Other than the line problem incident, its been great since then. All my other friends got the cheap finger reels. I see that they have to be extra careful to not get them tangled, but they still manage to get them tangled every so often. This is my reel of choice without breaking the bank.

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Rating: Scuba Dive Reel
Reviewer: Andre Carbo
I rate this reel 5 stars for design characteristics and ease of use. I mainly utilize this product for marking fishing and diving favorite spots.

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Questions and Answers for Scubamax Reel:

  • Andre:

    Hi I would like to know what the maximum thickness line I could use. I will utilize this reel for my kayak anchor, 100 ft of line approximately quarter inch diameter line. Do you think this reel will work for my application. Thanks Andre P.S. Ill be using a 5 pound anchor.

    Bill  (Certified Scuba Instructor at

    The reel comes with #24 nylon line about 1/8 thick but should be ok to use as a anchor line, it is just very thin.

  • bill:

    I need a replacement rachet for my Scubamax reel,how can I get one?

    Darrick  (Certified Scuba Instructor at

    Hello Bill, the rachet is not a part we carry as a replacement part. That you would need to contact the manufacture directly on. Here is there contact number: (909) 869-7977.

  • David:

    What is the diameter of the reel?

    Darrick  (Certified Scuba Instructor at

    Hello David, the 150'' Reel is 3".

  • david:

    i plan to use this for my kayak anchor which is 3lb will the line do this job ( anchor my kayak offshore ) or could i replace it with 30m of 4mm rope?

    Bob  (Certified Scuba Instructor at

    We''ve never used the reel for that purpose so cannot comment accurately on that. Personally speaking I''d feel the line is too light for that use in anything other then very calm conditions.

  • Alan:

    What are the diameters of both the 150 and 270 spools?

    Darrick  (Certified Scuba Instructor at

    Hello Alaon, for the 150'' you are looking at 6.5" in length and 2.75 in width. For the 270'' you are looking at 6.5" in length and 3.25" in width.

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