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Poseidon Discovery MKVI Rebreather

  • World’s first rebreather for recreational divers
  • Fully-closed, fully-automated unit that will make you see diving in a different light.
  • The system comprises a breathing loop (mouthpiece, hoses, counter lungs and backpack) with associated electronics module, and two independent gas cylinders.
  • Also a back-up system, containing enough oxygen for the diver to breathe directly in an emergency.
  • Fully managed by onboard computers, with two continuously recalibrating sensors constantly monitoring oxygen levels, and dive information recorded in the removable battery module.
  • Hand-held control unit displays depth, cylinder pressure, and oxygen concentration.
  • System is equipped with a number of active warning systems.
  • The computer performs a thorough pre-dive test to ensure that all parts of the system are functioning properly
  • Light, safe and simple to use
  • Designed not only for seasoned divers, but for those who are new to diving.
  • Potential to stay under water for up to three hours
  • Harness not included (see below to order)
  • DEPTH: Maximum Depth 40m/130ft
  • WEIGHT: 18 kg/39.6 lbs

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