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Trident Stretch Rubber Weight Belt

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Customer Reviews for Trident Stretch Rubber Weight Belt:

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Rating: About Ruber weight Belt
Reviewer: Mrs M.,  - View all my reviews
not have the instructions for assembly of the buckle. You have to guess. At the moment I have not tried underwater. I hope to prevent slipping. No tiene instrucciones para ensamblar la hebilla. Hay que adivinar. Al momento no lo he probado bajo el agua. Espero que impida que se resbale.

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Rating: not a fan of the buckle.
Reviewer: dean english,   
The price is great, but the metal buckle is not so good. I sticks out and feels like it will snag on rocks or coral. I changed it out for my old plastic buckle and it works perfect, weights stay put.

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Rating: Easy to put together buckle..........
Reviewer: Steve Meinhardt,  - View all my reviews
I was a little worried about how to put the buckle together until I went to the www.trident.com webpage and downloaded the "parts" book. On page 295 there is a picture of the belt buckle that is perfect for explaining how it goes together. So simple of a design and it works like a champ. The weights dont move around and it stays in place.

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Rating: GREAT
Reviewer: Garry Nicholas,

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Rating: Trident Rubber weight belt
Reviewer: james j.,  - View all my reviews
Great price ok product. No instructions had to find picture online. Cant beat price.

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256 out of 471 people found this review helpful.

Rating: Good Choice for Freediving
Reviewer: Robert Welsh,  - View all my reviews
this rubber weight belt is depth compensating and slip resistant. it doesnt slide around like traditional web weight belts. so, maneuvering comfort and safety are maximized. your buckle is always in the front where it should be. the belt doesnt get 5 stars due to a couple of minor flaws. it doesnt come with any directions expaining how to thread and assemble the 3 confusing hunks of metal which come comprise the buckle. maybe im a tad slow... but it took me a while of playing with it to figure it out. adjustment takes a little getting used to also. however, once you get it adjusted, it stays that way. you should plan to have dedicated weights for that belt. you wont want to add and remove weights. it takes too much time to remove and reinstall/adjust the buckle. if you adjust your weight for various depths, you might find it tedious. you should wear a dive skin or wetsuit with this belt otherwise the buckle might pinch your skin when opening or closing it. a great feature of the buckle is that it is easy to hold it open for ascent without having to worry about losing the belt accidentally. the belt will off in the event of shallow water blackout. that is a very comforting feature. overall, i believe this to be a suitable belt for freediving and a good value.

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Rating: Trident Stretch Weight Belt
Reviewer: John Johnson,  - View all my reviews
I have gotten to use this new weight belt about a dozen or so times now and I like it a lot over my old weight belt. It stretches nicely and seems to have pretty sturdy construction. The belt hook is very easy to manage as well.

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433 out of 869 people found this review helpful.

Rating: Very durable and good quality
Reviewer: Moon Son,
I want to start off by saying that this is a great product made of very durable rubber. I had a heavy duty webbing weight belt and it constantly slipped and needed adjusting when I was in the water. My dive buddy uses a rubber belt and I finally decided to spend some money to upgrade and purchase this belt. This belt is great and needed minor adjustments after testing it in the water for perfect fit and flexibility without slip. The only complaint I have is, being the noob freediver I am for only 3 years, I had no clue how to assemble it. It came with no instructions whatsoever so my dive buddy had to put it together. Other than that this is a great product.

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371 out of 776 people found this review helpful.

Rating: Trident rubber Weight Belt
Reviewer: Curtis Bray,  - View all my reviews
Very nice piece of gear. Stays in place very well. Overall very pleased. Only recomendation is to provide directions on how to install the buckle.

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363 out of 707 people found this review helpful.

Rating: Rubber Dive Belt
Reviewer: Kevin H.,
This is a great belt for those of us lacking in gluteous maximus density. You can tighten it down and make it fit. Highly reoccomentd

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355 out of 733 people found this review helpful.

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