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McNett Commercial Ankle Weights

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  • Reduces leg and fin bouyancy
  • Minimizes back stress for a safer, more comfortable dive
  • Easy draining buckles securely fasten weights and can be easily released with one hand
  • Form-fitting design and rugged construction
  • DCM 99  Commercial diving style 9.9lb 
  • COLORS: Black

Black Regular 3.3lb


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Customer Reviews for McNett Commercial Ankle Weights:

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Rating: Great for my purpose.
Reviewer: Suzanne K.,
I cant address using the weights for diving for although I am a diver I use them for another purpose altogether. I need to sleep in a partially sitting position in an overstuffed recliner. Because I am short I would find the back upright in the morning. I put one weight in the groove on either side of the chair and drapeed another between those two. It keeps the back down while sleep and still allows me to sit up when I need to. They are awesome for this purpose!!!

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Rating: Love Em
Reviewer: Adriane T.,  - View all my reviews
What can you say about ankle weights? Given that, I like these enough to own 2 pair! IMO, the design of this ankle weight, with the weight distributed along the entire length, buckle to buckle, rather than a shorter weight attached to webbing at either end, is superior, as is the double-walled construction. Whether on ankles, tank, or tucked into trim pockets, I am rareley without them.

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Rating: best ankle weights for the money
Reviewer: william g.,  - View all my reviews
The fact that they are well built and will last a long time is beside the point. I have dove regular ankle weights like for the gym. they cant hold a candle to these while wearing them I forget that I have them on. For my money these are the best thing going.

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Rating: Love them
Reviewer: MeLisa P.,  - View all my reviews
Toward the end of my dives I have a hard time staying down - especially my legs. The leg weights work perfectly and the stretch material allows me to use them in warm water or cold water (they stretch over my 8mm wetsuit, socks and boots).

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Rating: Ankle weights stretched & fit just right
Reviewer: Robin P.,  - View all my reviews
I wasnt sure which size to order for my husband and myself to use with drysuits. I wanted them to be snug but not binding while being easy to put on and adjust upward so as not to interfere with the drysuit boot and my fins. These worked perfect! We ordered a regular size and a long size knowing that wed each have a choice and they both worked great for us. They werent constructed quite like the sets Id borrowed from my instructor because his had adjustable straps instead of being stretchy, plus I was initially concerned about the durability of the fabric. After having used them, I think these will work for us for many years to come and will fit a variety of ankle sizes and equipment configurations. If I was an instructor loaning out my equpiment frequently, I would probably opt for the sets with the heavier material though. They came in a handy storage bag which helps keep them together plus allows them to dry even in the bag. We ordered a yellow pair and a green pair and you cant tell much difference in the colors when wet.

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Rating: Ankle weights review
Reviewer: larry rukavina,
I found this product to work well in helping me with balance and flotation. Whenever I use my 7mm wetsuit my legs would always try to invert me ( I have long legs ). The ankle weights were just the ticket to resolve this issue. The quality of this product looks and feels good, but time will tell. I am pleased with this product and would recommend these weights to anyone having similer issues. Sincerely, Larry Rukavina

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Rating: Good weights
Reviewer: Bob D.,  - View all my reviews
I use one of these to put on my tank valve to help distribute my weighting better. Works very well for this. The second weight I use as a spare when I find people Im diving with are underweight, nice to have a weight that can be attached at various places. One of them had the outer seams start to come apart, but the inner rubber tube is still intact and there is no risk of the weight emptying unless I cut the rubber. A good sturdy design.

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Rating: Comfortable and affordable.
Reviewer: James Groves,  - View all my reviews
I bought these weights I have started diving with a drysuit and wanted "training wheels" while I got comfortable diving the new suit. I chose these weights because they were available in a heavier weight compared to other ones, and were easier to clip together. I am quite happy with my decision.

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Rating: Instructors Favorite!!
Reviewer: Dominick Attisani,  - View all my reviews
Love ankle weights. I have 4 pairs for the family and got these bright yellow ones so they could see dad amongst the other human seals. Perfect for my OW classes where students have a hard time telling whos who. Bright yellow shines thru even in the lowest vis situations. DJA

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Rating: McNett Ankle weights have helped with bouyance
Reviewer: Dr. William Flory,   
When I dive in cold water with a thicker suit and use heavier tanks and the use of longer lighter fins, I tend to become top heavy with feet that want to float. Adding ankle weights helps correct the balance for a more natural position, providing good balance and effeciency

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