XS Scuba Cordura Weight Belt WB104BK 044046

Mfg Part #: WB104

XS Scuba Cordura Weight Belt

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  • Constructed of 1000 Dentura Cordura Nylon webbing
  • Each pocket holds 5 lbs. of weight (Shot or Block style)
  • You can not feel the weight on your hips
  • Each pocket is on the outside of the belt so all you feel is the belt itself
  • Fully adjustable weight sleeves, can be adjusted to fit each divers body shape and size
  • No zippers to break or corrode
  • No long strip of Velcro
  • Each pocket opens/closes individually, so no need to open entire belt to change one weight
  • Change/adjust your weights while wearing the belt, no need to remove the belt to do so
  • Weight Not Included
  • SIZES:
    • 4 pocket (Up to 20 lbs.) 20" - 52" waist
    • 6 pocket (Up to 30 lbs.) 28" - 58" waist
    • 8 pocket (Up to 40 lbs.) 35" - 64" waist
  • COLORS: Black, Blue and Yellow

Customer Reviews for XS Scuba Cordura Weight Belt:

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Average Customer Review: based on 84 reviews.

Rating: Exactly what I needed.
Reviewer: Mark Hinrichsen
Perfect for my needs. Pockets are big enough to hold 5lb weights easily but snugly. Will hold both soft and hard weights. The only thing I was disappointed in was it did not include a hook for the female accessory snap.

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8 out of 15 people found this review helpful.

Rating: Excellent belt
Reviewer: Sameh Ghanem
Proper fin and well made design.

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Rating: Works great
Reviewer: Martin L.
The pockets easily accommodate either solid weights or pellet bag weights. It can be a chore to re-adjust the position of the pockets, and especially the buckle, for a better fit. Hint, the pockets are easier to move than the buckle. But once everything is adjusted properly, it is a nice comfortable weight belt.

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41 out of 75 people found this review helpful.

Rating: Great dive belt!
Reviewer: Dave L.
I really enjoyed this belt. Since most newer BCs are weight integrated it was nice to find a belt that is both very comfortable and reliable. The weights easily slide into the pockets, even five pounders! The belt easily adjust to your desired size.

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51 out of 95 people found this review helpful.

Rating: XS Scuba Cordura Weight Belt
Reviewer: Reginald Harper  -  View all my reviews
Great belt! Id recommend the stainless steel buckle over the plastic one that comes with the belt, though. Big weight pockets, and comfortable to wear. Thanks!

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3 out of 7 people found this review helpful.

Rating: XS Scuba Cordura Weight Belt Review - Scuba Gear Customer Reviews
Reviewer: willaim anderson  -  View all my reviews
I usually dive integrated weights but for my Aquamaster and Kraken diving I tied this. It makes it easier to adjust weight acording to amount of rubber and i comfortable.

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6 out of 12 people found this review helpful.

Rating: XS Scuba Cordura Weight Belt Review - Scuba Gear Customer Reviews
Reviewer: David P.
I wanted a belt that was well made and versatile. I bought the 4 pouch version, and could not be happier.

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Rating: Great
Reviewer: Ron G.  -  View all my reviews
Exactly what it was described as shipped in a timely manner Good customer service

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34 out of 70 people found this review helpful.

Reviewer: Ryan Sagendorf
I am a freediving spearfisherman from Utah, and I love this belt. We spearfish in Utahs fresh water which is generally cold, but in the summer months, it is warm enough to switch from our 7mm wet suits to our 2mm shorties. Its nice to have a belt that is durable enough to hold the heavy weight and then we can easily lighten the weight when we switch suits.

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148 out of 299 people found this review helpful.

Rating: weight belt
Reviewer: Mike W.  -  View all my reviews
great every thing I wanted

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24 out of 51 people found this review helpful.

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Questions and Answers for XS Scuba Cordura Weight Belt:

  • Faye:

    what are the dimensions of the pouches, including the depth of the gusset? can the pouches be removed from the belt? i am wondering if this could be used to hold small drybags, dryboxes, and ok-to-get-wet accessories while snorkelingi dont like the having multiple lanyards or many things on a simgle one, and was thinking a small "utility belt" might be the way to go.

    Clarke  (Certified Scuba Instructor at Scuba.com):

    Hello Faye, Thank you for your inquiry! The XS Scuba Cordura Diving Weight Belt individual pouch dimensions are: H: 4” X W: 3 6/8” X D 1 5/8” They will hold a 5 pound hard or soft weight. Please note: They are not “solid” pockets. They are partially open on the sides. The weight belts come in 3 different configurations: • 4 pocket 20" - 52" waist – 2 pairs of 2 pockets (4 pockets total) • 6 pocket 28" - 58" waist – 2 pairs of 3 pockets (6 pockets total) • 8 pocket 35" - 64" waist – 2 pairs of 4 pockets (8 pockets total Each set of pockets can be slid off the weight belt webbing after removing the weight stoppers. http://www.scuba.com/scuba-gear-154/044046/XS-Scuba-Cordura-Diving-Weight-Belt.html If you have any questions or wish to place an order, please call us at 1-800-247-2822 or 949-221-9300.

  • kevin:

    If I add weight belt suspenders, would you recommend having the weight pockets open downward so it would be easy to dump weight in an emergency?

    Bob  (Certified Scuba Instructor at Scuba.com):

    No. They are not designed that way for safety reasons in order to avoid accidental loss of weights.

  • Dave:

    Is the buckle metal or plastic? Ill need this for working in an aquarium and will be climbing over acrylic barriers, so plastic is preferred to avoid scratching the barriers.

    Darrick  (Certified Scuba Instructor at Scuba.com):

    Hello Dave, it comes with a plastic buckle. But you can up-grade to a metal buckle if you like.

  • Frank:

    I am a snorkeling enthusiast. Approximately how much weight is needed to achieve neutral buoyancy when diving with a 3mm long sleeved, short pants wet suit?

    Bill  (Certified Scuba Instructor at Scuba.com):

    In saltwater start with 4% of your weight and adjust the amount as needed.

  • Janis:

    Im looking for a pocketed weight belt to hold 4 two pound weights. Lycra preferred. Do they even make these any more? Also, is there any way to get certified for Nitrox online? Id like my guy to at least get the paperwork out of the way even if he has to do a review on the boat. Well be on the Dancer in Belize end of Oct, and since hes such a new diver, I want there to be one less thing he has to do on the boat.

    Bill  (Certified Scuba Instructor at Scuba.com):

    No lycra belts, check with PADI and NAUI online for nitrox courses.

  • Tyler:

    Im thinking about getting this weight belt for my scuba class. do your recommend this?

    Bob  (Certified Scuba Instructor at Scuba.com):

    It is perfect for all levels of diving from your original open water or basic scuba diving classes and beyond!

  • Adam:

    I see from a previous question that the pockets can be removed from the belt but Im still not clear on whether these are individual pockets or if ther are connected to eachother in some manner. For example, on the 6 pocket model if I removed the three pockets from one side could I put only two back and leave one pocket off the belt entirely?

    Darrick  (Certified Scuba Instructor at Scuba.com):

    Hello Adam, yes they are connected by 2 pockets. so if you get the 4 pocket belt and you want to take off 2 of them you would be able to.

  • Taylor:

    Does the belt come with the metal weight keepers featured in the photo? If so, how many? Also what is the width of the belt itself? Thanks

    Darrick  (Certified Scuba Instructor at Scuba.com):

    Hello Taylor, you have 2 metal keepers per 2 pocket set. So it depends on how many pockets you are going to need. Also this is a 2 inch webbing.

Patented comfort design
Easy to adjust weight pocket position
Each pocket holds up to 5 lbs. of solid or shot weight
Unused pockets Velcro® down flat and streamlined
This award-winning product is the most comfortable weight belt ever developed. It is fully adjustable and designed for a custom fit on every diver. Each belt has two independent sleeves with pockets that are sewn together. Thus, a six pocket belt has two sleeves built from three pockets.

Size Selection

WB104 - Up to 20 pounds in four pockets
WB106 - Up to 30 pounds in six pockets
WB108 - Up to 40 pounds in eight pockets

Color Selection

Three popular colors to choose from:
black, blue, yellow
Rental Tough
1000 Denier Cordura pockets
Resin coated nylon webbing
Double needle stitching
Large Velcro® closures reduce the chance of weight loss

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