Brownies Third Lung Hookah. F285X 030442


Mfg Part #: F285X

Brownies Third Lung Hookah.

Explorer 390 Add $1,093.08
  • Explorer 285 Series
    • Free Storage Case with Lid
    • Free Deluxe Gear Bag
    • Free Online Training Course with the purchase of each recreational Hookah system
    • Supports 2 divers to 70-80 feet or supports 3 divers to 45 feet with Add-a-Diver Kit - (see below to order)
    • 4.5 hp Robins-Subaru motor EX Series
      • EX series is designed for extraordinary power, durability and efficiency
      • Chain Driven Overhead Cam (OHC) more advanced design reduces the number of parts and is much more efficient than the push rod design of other manufacturers.
      • 30 to 40% less pulling force required than the comparable sized Honda GX models
      • Superior muffler design allows you to enjoy your dive without disturbing others.
      • 4-cycle OHV gasoline engine
    • Single head direct drive compressor
    • 10 foot heat transfer hose with in-line filter with Quick Release fittings
    • 60 foot down line with Quick Release fittings
    • Two Brownie's Hookah Regulators with "Diver Adjustable" Air Flow
    • Both Brownie's Hookah Regulators complete with 40 inch hoses and Quick Release fittings
    • Two Brownie's drop weight belts
    • Ultraviolet stabilized Ballistic Nylon cover
    • Easy inflation and deflation design
    • Dive flag
    • Filter Kit
    • O-ring Kit
    • RUN TIME: over 3 continuous hours
    • WEIGHT: 48 pounds


Failure to complete Diver Certification prior to use of this product, may result in injury or death

Customer Reviews for Brownies Third Lung Hookah.:

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Rating: third lung
Reviewer: Richard Spooner  -  View all my reviews
i am completely satisfied with my new purchase...i had three divers down at the same time while searching for artifacts in a local riverand ALL equipment operated absolutely looking forward to using this equipment in the gulf of mexico...all personel from that i dealt with were both courtious and helpful...thank you guys and i will buy from you again...

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Rating: Brownies third Lung
Reviewer: Lloyd Ellender
great deal, the new engine used on the new model is a lot better then the older brigs that were used on the old model i had. . my old system didnt keep up with the air flow as good. also the regulators having the hose at the bottom seems to be a lot more comfortable. i also really like the weight belt that lets you just the weights and keep the belt on. last but not least, the old tube wasnt covered like the new one. i did like the fact that the older one was bigger and seemed to take rougher water, although the fact that the engine is lighter now, may make the difference. the one hose down that ys out is a lot better too, seems to be easier to pull the tube, as with the 2 hoses, sometimes we would be pulling in opposite directions being so far away fron each other. cant wait for the warmer weather, water is still alittle cold, even though its florida..

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Rating: Brownies F390
Reviewer: James Brogren  -  View all my reviews
Great Hookah. True freedom to spend time and lots of it observing reef creatures doing what they do. Better than running around trying to do as much as possible before your tank runs out. Just keep track of your depth and bottom time and avoid decompression. The 390 is of sufficient capacity for the entire family.

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615 out of 1178 people found this review helpful.

Rating: Easy deep breath.
Reviewer: Brian Olson Instructor
This is a great piece of gear for those who really want uninterrupted access to the underwater world. This is a user-friendly piece of gear for the serious fun lover, weather youre chasing lobsters or just enjoying the underwater world. The cool thing here is that youre not limited by a single tank air supply. With over 3 hours run time, this will let you call the dive no matter what youre exploring. This is one of the most versatile and portable units a diver can get their hands on. It fits on any boat and goes anywhere. The coolest thing is the ability to add other divers to the experience.

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Questions and Answers for Brownies Third Lung Hookah.:

  • Is:

    Is the Explorer 390 and the comerical 390 the same CFM rating. Doesnt this system need a air acumlitaion tank. If you put your Y at the surfice what depth would be deepest depth for 2 divers?

    Darrick  (Certified Scuba Instructor at

    Hello, yes the engine for this system would be the same for either version, for the 280 would support 2 divers to 70-80 feet, the 390 series would support 3 divers to 80-90 feet.

  • Tom:

    would like a video to show how this unit works?

    Darrick  (Certified Scuba Instructor at

    Hello Tom, you would need to go directly to the manufacture web site for that information and video.

  • PT:

    How rough can it be to use the Brownies system? Any fear that waves will come over the buoy and wet the motor? We talking 2-3ft chop or there are no concerns?

    Darrick  (Certified Scuba Instructor at

    Hello, yes if you have any waves breaking you want to be worried about either the unit flipping over or wave breaking and hitting the unit and getting this wet.

  • Suzy:

    My family is looking to get a Brownie hookah system. What do you think about a 2005 325 Explorer series? Is it too old? How much should it cost?

    Darrick  (Certified Scuba Instructor at

    Hello Suzy, this unit on our site is not a 2005 version this is there current model. If you are looking at a used unit somewhere else I would make sure how well it has been serviced over the year. If everything checkout these units will last for years.

  • Jason:

    i am wondering about backup or spare air. Say we have three or four of us down there and the engine quits. Not like your buddy will have air either. What is the recommendation for this?

    Arthur  (Certified Scuba Instructor at

    definitely a spare air.

  • Nick:

    Hi I have a compound question. Will this hookah work with a helmet and dry suit or do you have to use the regulator provided? Also is this a good product for beginners?

    Chance  (Certified Scuba Instructor at

    This hookah system could work with a full facemask so long as the facemask is designed to work under the pressure that the system puts out. There are facemasks designed to work under hookah pressure. This product comes with an online training course for beginners.

F285X Floating Hookah Diving Systems

The Explorer 285′s™ light-weight design makes beach and boat diving easier than ever. The lightest Brownie unit produced, the 285 utilizes direct drive technology with a 4-cycle OHV gasoline engine, and provides more than three hours of runtime. Only Brownie’s Third Lung™ offers all of the details!

Our new entry level Third Lung dramatically reduces the cost of diving, offering all the same exclusive standard features of the F390 but for less money than any other entry level surface supplied air system.

The Explorer 285™ was developed for budget minded divers who don’t need more capacity than 2 divers on the unit at one time. Maximum depth range for this unit ranges between 70 and 80 feet, depending on diver exertion and breathing rate. On land, carrying the unit is easier than moving a single scuba tank and BC.

With its hard cover Travel Case, the 285 is easy to store and easier to transport than regular scuba gear, making the Explorer 285™ the perfect system for exotic dive vacations.

The F285X features:
Motor: 4.5 HP sealed DC motor with sealed switch
Compressor: Single Head Direct Drive Oilless
Run time: 3+ hours per tank of gas
Weight: 44 pounds – compressor in storage case
Dimensions: 17″L x 24″W x 14″H
(in storage case)
Brownies third lung hookah diving system pan with cover


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