XS Scuba 80 Cubic Foot High Pressure Steel Tank X7-80 043250

Mfg Part #: X7-80

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Rating: Love the negative buoyancy at end of dive
Reviewer: Sheryl D.
We love these tanks. I am really short (5 ft) and these work much better for me. We live in Hawaii so with the warm water I only use 3#s for weight because the tank is negatively buoyant at end of dive when less air is in the tank. Makes safety stop buoyancy be a non-issue. High quality and durability. We have had 4-tanks for about four years and just bought 2 more.

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Rating: Awesome tank
Reviewer: Pat T.
The HP 80 steel tank is great. Hold the same amount of air as al-80, but smaller and lighter. Also, still negative bouyant at the end of the dive. Would never buy aluminum tank. HP Steel is the way to go.

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Rating: XS Scuba 80 Cubic Foot High Pressure Steel Tank
Reviewer: Candance Springer
I am pleased with this tank however the Pro Valve I had an issue with. I am going to have the plug changed out to convert to my yoke regulator because the regulator does seat properly. I was able to take 8lbs of lead off so I am very pleased about that.

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Rating: XS Scuba 80 CF HP Steel Tank
Reviewer: jeffrey c.
Fanastic Tank If You Want To Remain Negative At The End of Your Dive. Superior To Aluminum 80s In My Opinion. As an Aluminum Tank Becomes Empty, You Become Positively Buoyant Making Bouyancy Control More Difficult At The End of Your Dive And Also Increasing Air Consumption Rate.

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Rating: Cant say anything bad
Reviewer: Landon F.
This is a perfect tank for me. Im a short man and hated the longer tanks that would hit me in my rear. This tank fits perfect on my back sitting right on top of my belt line. I also love it being a steel tank because it helped me shed the weight from my vest. Also the steel help balance the wait when your low on air. I recommend this tank for anyone.

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Rating: XS Scuba 80 Cu ft high pressure steel tank
Reviewer: Suzanne Fenger  -  View all my reviews
I am glad that I purchased this tank. It allows me to take off a good 8 pounds in my BC. Being small it also gives me less on my back. Ez to carry.

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Rating: Ahhhh
Reviewer: Cara V Tufts  -  View all my reviews
This is a perfect little tank. I just bought one of these High Pressure 80s and love it. Its shorter by a few inches but has the same capacity as its larger cousins. The height of the tank is about the same as that of my BC so instead of having to lift my BC up (weight and all) to cinch the strap around the valve, I let my BC rest on whatever surface Im using when coupling my tank to the BC. This makes it easier for me cinch and tighten the straps. Im spoiled and will be buying another one for myself next year and, if hes good, one for my diving buddy for Christmas.

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Rating: cold water diver
Reviewer: Chris Morales  -  View all my reviews
steel tanks are the way to go!! My wife loves it and is able to cut off a few pounds as well. its short enough so her legs dont hit the bottom side of the tank. I would recommend this Item to others.

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Questions and Answers for XS Scuba 80 Cubic Foot High Pressure Steel Tank:

  • Jef:

    Are the weight and height specs with or without the valve included ?

    Bill  (Certified Scuba Instructor at Scuba.com):

    Without the valve.

  • nadine:

    what is the price of a used diving xs scuba cylinder .

    Bill  (Certified Scuba Instructor at Scuba.com):

    If there is a used on the site it will list the price. We typically do have many used tanks available.

  • Ed:

    Is the tank shipped depressurized with valve in place or out? Have issues with shipping overseas.

    Arthur  (Certified Scuba Instructor at Scuba.com):

    Due to shipping regulations the valves are not installed on the tank and the tank is NOT pressurized. There is a plug that goes in the tank just so junk doesn't get inside of the tank while the valve is off.

  • Ed:

    Is there an problem with shipping a tank in checked baggage as long as the valve is out and the tank is not pressurized?

    Bob  (Certified Scuba Instructor at Scuba.com):

    Typically no, but to be safe always check with your airline's rules and restrictions.

Designed in 2004 by XS Scuba, these hot-dip galvanized cylinders are manufactured in North America by Worthington Cylinders. The Worthington Cylinders Corp. is already the world's largest supplier of industrial steel cylinders, and has become the market leader.

There are two different 'Series' of steel cylinders available. The most popular are high-pressure X-Series™ cylinders, as they offer the most air in the smallest size cylinders. The other are the low-pressure LP-Series™ cylinders which offer lower fill pressures, making them ideal for dive boats and many air compressors.
The exterior of all XS Scuba steel cylinders are hot dip galvanized. This highly demanded and preferred finish is utilized on all Worthington steel cylinders offered by XS Scuba. Don't be misled by claims from companies distributing steel cylinders with painted exteriors. There is no better process to protect a steel cylinder from rust and corrosion than hot dip galvanization!

High Pressure - 3442 psi service pressure
Six different models, Two different diameters
X7 - 7.25' diameter
X8 - 8.00' diameter
Hot dip galvanized exterior finish
Chromium Molybdenum Vanadium steel alloy construction
High-strength steel technology
More volume in a compact cylinder
Includes XS Scuba DIN/Yoke convertible valve and durable, self-draining boot
Inlet thread is standard 3/4'-14 NPSM
Ultimate weight to capacity ratios
Ideal buoyancy characteristics
Manufactured to DOT Exemption and Canadian TC Permit

Low Pressure - 2400+ psi service pressure
Six different models, Three different diameters

Hot dip galvanized exterior finish
Chromium Molybdenum (4130) steel alloy construction
'Plus' rated for 10% overfill to 2640 psi
Compressor-friendly, lower pressure
Includes XS Scuba DIN/Yoke convertible valve and durable, self-draining boot
Inlet thread is standard 3/4'-14 NPSM
Traditional, proven design
Negatively buoyant throughout the dive
Manufactured to DOT 3AA standard
Meets Canadian TC3AAM specifications

Manufacturing Process
Built from Chromium Molybdenum steel plate
Utilizes the deep draw process; the preferred method to build a steel scuba cylinder
This process yields a cylinder with a very uniform wall thickness resulting in a lighter, more efficient cylinder
Superior buoyancy characteristics (Specs)
These cylinders have been designed to be slightly negative at the end of a dive
Exterior Finish
Hot dip galvanized - the absolute best finish for a steel scuba cylinder
Nitrox Ready
Cleaned and sealed at the factory
Free of hydrocarbons to a level of 40 mg per square meter
Included with all XS Scuba steel cylinders
Quality, self-draining design


All XS Scuba steel cylinders include an International DIN Yoke valve
Allows upgrade to Modular valves and manifolds
Convertible design allows for standard yoke or 230 bar DIN connections
Standard inlet thread (3/4'-14 NPSM) on cylinder allows upgrade to any other Thermo valve
These valves are clean for Nitrox up to 40% FO2

Manufacturing Process
Our steel cylinders are manufactured at Worthington Cylinder's state of the art facility in Tilbury, Canada. The cylinders are manufactured using the Deep Draw and Ironing (DDI) process. Cylinders start from a circular plate of chrome-moly steel. Multiple draws on a hydraulic press transform the plate into an open ended shell. The shell is then closed, the neck is formed and the threads are machined. The DDI process produces the most consistence wall thickness resulting in the lightest weight, most efficient cylinders. This manufacturing process is what allows us to supply cylinders with the best buoyancy characteristics for scuba diving . Other suppliers are selling cylinders that are manufactured using the Billet Piercing or 'Spun' Tube process. These cylinders are generally heavier with less preferred buoyancy characteristics than those manufactured using DDI.

No Exterior Rusting...We Guarantee it for the lifetime of the cylinder!
During the process of Hot Dip Galvanizing, the exterior of our steel cylinders are submerged into 840ºF molten zinc. The process deposits an 8-10 mil thick zinc barrier to protect against the corrosive ocean environment. This layer of zinc metallurgically bonds to the steel cylinder. It will not chip and wear away like a painted zinc finish. XS Scuba is so confident that exterior rust will not be an issue, we guarantee it for the life of the cylinder. If the exterior of your XS Scuba HDG steel cylinder rusts, we'll correct it for as long as you own the cylinder, without cost to you.

XS Scuba High Pressure Steel Tanks

A scuba cylinder is a tough thing to write a review on. After all, a tank is a tank. With a little research we find that aluminum tanks float at the end of a dive, are made of softer material, but are the most inexpensive tank to purchase. Hence their popularity in shops, diver’s garages and rental inventories.

We also can learn that steel cylinders are expensive but usually that’s about as far as we get. The price sells. XS Scuba has made great strides in combating this. While their steel tanks are still more expensive than the aluminum version, they are not so far apart in price as they used to be. In fact, they are priced in a way that makes it difficult to justify purchasing a cylinder that doesn’t offer what they do. The very first thing that catches your eye is the over all size of the tank. The Steel 80 cubic foot tank is only 19.7” tall! That is smaller than a standard aluminum 63 cubic foot tank! It is negatively buoyant when full, of course but it’s also negative when it’s empty. What that means for you is lead taken off of your weight belt or out of your pockets that the diver used to need to compensate for the aluminum tank. Less lead = more comfort.

The 100 cubic foot tank is only 24” in length, and is smaller than the aluminum 80 it is compared to. These smaller tanks, offering the same if not more air once again equates directly into comfort for the diver. No longer is it necessary to lug around something resembling a hot water heater or a torpedo to get the maximum amount of bottom time out of your tank.

The next cool feature is that both tanks have a fill pressure of less than 3500psi. 3442 to be exact. That means there is no need for you to purchase a DIN first stage any longer! No worry about having a DIN to Yoke adapter so you can take your gear on vacation and no more getting stuck with a more expensive regulator simply because you wanted a smaller tank.

All in all, with great pricing and a list of advantages over the old aluminum tank, there is no reason at all that every diver shouldn’t be diving with an XS Scuba High Pressure Steel Tank!

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