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XS Scuba 95 Cubic Foot Low Pressure Steel Tank

XS Scuba 95 Cubic Foot Low Pressure Steel Tank Customer reviews see below

XS Scuba Standard Tank Carrier Tank ADD $19.95

Tank Mesh Protector $7.95

Tank Carrier $26.00

Valve Protector $3.95


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Rating: best tank made
Reviewer: Kenny Ivey
not all tanks are made the same. the hot dipped galvanized tanks by worthington are by far the best tanks for the money. unlike other steel tanks that when the protective coating chips off the tank starts to rust and pit these tanks do not. steel tanks keep their negative buoyancy unlike aluminum tanks that float after you burn thru your gas. this lets you dive with less weight. i have me own air compressor so i like the low pressure tanksit is easier on the compressor unit unlike high pressure tanks that beat up a compressor pretty bad. the xs valve is very tough and when the tank is open it shows a green ring around the valve handlered when the air is shut off- my wife likes the visual check just to make sure.

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