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XS Scuba 7mm Pyrostretch Heavy Duty Dive Boots BT750-5 002093


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XS Scuba 7mm Pyrostretch Heavy Duty Dive Boots

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  • FREE shell collectors mesh bag
  • 100% PyroStretch (SuperStretch) construction allows for easy on/off
  • Slides on like silk without zippers - which can allow water leakage and colder feet
  • Molded athletic style sole for maximum comfort and traction
  • PyroStretch will stretch 200% more than standard neoprene
  • Fin stop on the heel cap keeps your fin strap in place
  • Toe and Heel cap for exceptional wear protection
  • Vulcanized heel and toe caps for maximum durability
  • Integrated arch support and heel and toe cushioning
  • SIZES: 5 through 14
  • COLOR: Black
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Customer Reviews for XS Scuba 7mm Pyrostretch Heavy Duty Dive Boots:

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Average Customer Review: based on 38 reviews.

Rating: XS Scuba dive boots
Reviewer: Terry Jennings,  - View all my reviews
Hands down the best piece of equipment I purchased this year for dredging..walking on river rocks is not a comfortable thing but with these Awesome boots you dont feel any of the sharp rocks !! I would recommend these to everyone who dives or dredges !!

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19 out of 37 people found this review helpful.

Rating: Great Boots
Reviewer: Michael Guerrero,   
Pros: Warm. I dive 52 degree lakes and these are toasty warm. Can easily stay 45 min or longer in the water with no discomfort. True to size, I wear an 11.5 - 12 and they fit nicely and close to the ankles. I tuck them under my wetsuit and it works perfectly. They are easy to get on and off. Just fold them down toward the foot, stick your fingers in, and push them off your heel. Con: They do hold a lot of water when you come out, so if youre doing repetitive dives with a lengthy surface interval youll probably want to empty them out on the boat/shore so you dont feel water sloshing around.

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15 out of 29 people found this review helpful.

Rating: Best Boots so far.
Reviewer: Jerry L.,  - View all my reviews
I got some of these boots for my wife a few years ago to get rid of the zipper that always leaks in a little cold water and had her coming out of dives with numb feet. They worked great for her and an added benefit was the hard sole made it easier on her to enter/exit on the rocky Lake Superior shores. This year I got tired of the thin soles on the zipper-less boots that I had and bought a pair of the XS SCUBA Pyrostretch boots for myself. What a difference! I can now walk out like a man rather than gingerly picking my way through the rocks to get out to water deep enough to put on the fins. These are a great buy for anyone doing rough shore entries in cold water.

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94 out of 187 people found this review helpful.

Rating: Good
Reviewer: Nancy Castro,   
Easy to put on. I am a female and i normally wear a size 9. Since i had a chance to read some of the reviews it did indicate that the boots run small. I was able to purchase a size 10 instead and it fit perfectly out of the box. Go one size up in your normal size shoe.

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115 out of 235 people found this review helpful.

Rating: Just Got My Second Pair of XS Scuba 7mm
Reviewer: Kurt Bublitz,  - View all my reviews
This is a nice, comfortable, & solid boot. My first pair is still OK, but after 3 years of using them they are slowly wearing out. I use them for recreational gold dredging and any time that I am in the water. They are great for the cold water and just as fine in warm water. After a day of dredging I am tired and to make taking them off a breeze, I wear Lycra Socks. They slide right on and off with the socks.

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123 out of 242 people found this review helpful.

Rating: Absolut confort
Reviewer: Jorge S.,   
This are great boots for any temperature and any terrain! Confortable and safe!

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13 out of 29 people found this review helpful.

Rating: boots
Reviewer: Chad L.,  - View all my reviews
I wish they would make 1/2 sizes in these they are a nice boots but cant find the happy in between in sizes. Very comfortable though.

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32 out of 64 people found this review helpful.

Rating: Nice Boot, good value
Reviewer: Kristian B.,  - View all my reviews
XS Scuba manufactures some really nice product at a very decent price. These boots definately run on the small side especially when used over latex built-in drysuit socks, and drysuit thermal socks under that. Need to go 1-2 sizes up for that application.

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305 out of 662 people found this review helpful.

Rating: Warm
Reviewer: Chester L.,
Boots were small needed a size larger. Very warm.

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56 out of 118 people found this review helpful.

Rating: XS Scuba 7mm Pyrostretch boots
Reviewer: Scott Matthews,
These boots are very comfortable. I ordered them for the stretch factor, my feet have a high instep that make getting into even zippered boots tough. These boots stretch a lot allowing my foot to slide in no problem. Being 7mm they are warm and theres no zipper to loosen during the dive allowing water in. The 7mm is also a nice cushion between my instep and fin pocket.

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219 out of 440 people found this review helpful.

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