Apollo Retractor 138-33-80-000 130544

Mfg Part #: 138-33-80-000
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  • Making diving even easier
  • Easily secure your gauge, light, or other accessory item
  • Strong and secure, auto-recoil device
  • Fits any BC or weight belt with standard 2 inch webbing

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Dangling gear can act like a wrecking ball, chipping off bits of coral knocking loose sponges and catching at the most inopportune times. Save your gear and the world you dive in. Keep your gauges, lights and other gear securely tucked away when not in use. Instantly and easily pull any item out to arms length for use. It will automatically retract to original position when you let go. Standard 2' wide slots for installation on just about any bcd or weight belt.

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