Deep See BC Instrument Retractor Kit D745034 030919

Mfg Part #: 745034

Deep See BC Instrument Retractor Kit

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Rating: Must have!
Reviewer: SCOTT D.
This retractor is a must have for a simple, streamline way to keep your console at your fingertips when you have a Seaquest BC that is compatible. In this case it was for the Diva LX. The installation time was about 3 minutes.

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Questions and Answers for Deep See BC Instrument Retractor Kit:

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Cable length when pulled out - over 30 inches

Great for important instruments like depth gauges and compasses - pull out, take a quick peak, then let it go.

Keeps your gear safe but still keeps it accessible.

High-power reel ensures that not only will you save you'll gear, but it'll snap back into place with ease.

Attaches easily to any existing D-ring or clip. 

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