Ocean Reef SL 35 TX Nitrox 1st Stage 9923 127372

Mfg Part #: 9923
  • For cylinders fitted with a DIN valve only (or cylinders fitted with a standard yoke valve order adapter below)
  • Balanced 1st Stage
  • 2 High Pressure ports
  • 4 Medium Pressure ports

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SL 35 TX

product code: (INT) 9922, (DIN) 99231st Stage SL 35 TX

The SL 35 TX is a high performance, balanced diaphragm 1st stage with anti-freeze kit designed for the Neptune Space. The first stage has adjustable medium pressure and is made of brass with a plated chromed finish body, stainless steel piston, Teflon seat, and stainless steel spring.

High performance balanced diaphragm 1st stage
Adjustable medium pressure
Made of brass with a satin body finish
Standard connection 200 bar
2 high pressure ports 7/16-20 UNF
4 medium pressure ports 3/8-24 UNF
Flow rate of approx. 4800 l/m at 140 bars
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