Ocean Reef Neptune Space Predator Full Face Mask with 2nd Stage Regulator 33368 029102


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Mfg Part #: 33369

Ocean Reef Neptune Space Predator Full Face Mask with 2nd Stage Regulator

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  • Free Padded Protective Carry Bag
  • Free Visor Protector
  • Nitrox compatible to 40% (the recreational limits of nitrox)
  • Unique light gold finish on regulator cover
  • Stainless steel adjustment knob
  • Constructed of the new space-age Ergal aluminum - which is not only lightweight, but extremely durable
  • Stainless steel frame and fast-release buckles
  • "Diver Adjustable" Airflow
  • Integrated surface air valve eliminates wasted air on the surface
  • State-of-the-art integrated regulator
  • Reduced internal volume for excellent buoyancy
  • Improved visual field; 92% visible light transfer
  • Premium grade silicone bellows-type skirt for fit and comfort
  • Durable, scratch-resistant visor
  • Directional exhaust valve is designed to control the direction of bubbles away from the underwater communication unit or to prevent free-flowing of the mask 
  • Patented 3-D equalization system for easy ear clearing
  • Six strap head harness providing firm mask positioning and quick mask donning and doffing
  • Easy access purge button
  • HNBR rubber compound Glacier Strap designed for cold water and hazmat diving
  • Excellent for use in extreme conditions
  • SIZES: Small/Medium & Medium/Large

Customer Reviews for Ocean Reef Neptune Space Predator Full Face Mask with 2nd Stage Regulator:

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Rating: Surpassed my expectations!
Reviewer: Kyran C.
i ordered two of these, one still had plastic wrap on it. i am someone who does a lot of research before i buy things. so i did as much research as i could online, none of my friends had one of these. i went to a local scuba shop and tried one on. i have an odd shaped face and have probably spent $800 in different dive masks over six years or so all of them have leaked including expensive ones. so i decided to take the plunge. so here are my experiences and thoughts. sorry, this is kind of long. if you dont have a regulator you will have to buy one. this led down the slippery slope to me buying a regulator hoses and my own bcd. what was an expensive mask became a very expensive christmas! that being said i love it! after years of club hopping and using rental gear this is so much better! as for the mask, it does have a fairly big bag and you should just plan on checking a bag for each bcd, reg, mask and fins. i did and inexpensive and lightweight hard sided large suitcase from costco and that seem to be a much better deal than the dedicated dive bags. plus hopefully no one will look in them and help themselves to my equipment. as for the masks i paid for a local dive shop to give us a class and we love them! then we were off to fiji to try them out in the real world. two of the dive companies that we dealt with had never seen one but the other two had and seem familiar with them. a number of the dive guides wanted to try them out. for me whos mask always either leaks or fogs up it was an amazing experience to watch the dive guides clearing theirs and having trouble while i had a crystal clear view. i also mounted a go pro to the top of mine and turning on into a video of the dive that sees everything that i do and i am no longer carrying a camera so i can enjoy the dive much more. pros -never leaked or fogged! -very comfortable, even for three dive days, i never felt any mask squeeze or like i had to take it off as soon as i was out of the water. - great field of view everywhere except looking down at your bcd. i was very glad i have a wrist computer! - i was able to breathe through my mouth and nose both and was able to clear my ears without any trouble at all. same with my girlfriend - easy to don and doff and very easy to clear when we were practicing. cons - it was very warm. for me this is a con although for many im sure it will be a plus. we were diving in high 78° water and i didnt even wear a wetsuit and off and i had to open the side of the mask to let some water in to help me cool down. - it takes some practice to get used to-like anything in scuba. a short class over a couple of hours was more than enough to master the clearing take it on and off sharing air and other essential skills. - for downward visibility best to have a long hose on your computer or a wrist computer. - the straps dont fit me really well as it hits the very top of my ear or it rubs along the top if i move it up a little bit. also if you are a girl with long hair you either need some type of hat to manage it or it can get tangled. - bigger and heavier than a normal mask and first stage so can add up with checked bags for international travel. conclusion i would definitely do this again, in a hot second! i have shared it with a bunch of my friends who are all very interested and i only wish i had done this sooner. i would highly recommend it to anyone. as for buying the open box one of our boxes wasnt even open the other one was i cannot see that it was ever used. and so i got a much nicer mask then the base for the price of the base mask. it was somewhat easier for me as i was looking at buying my own bcd anyways and so i just made a very expensive or decision but all of it goes together well. i spent quite a bit of time researching and building it. i put a quick connect on my mask. i also put one one my octo, with an extra long hose, so that we can share air with the mask on, or remove it and use the octo and i carry one spare mask for the two of us. we both really enjoyed these masks and are looking forward to our next trip with leak and fog free diving.

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Questions and Answers for Ocean Reef Neptune Space Predator Full Face Mask with 2nd Stage Regulator:

  • Bill:

    Do you have the Light kit option for the Ocean Reef Neptune Space Predator Full Face Mask with 2nd Stage Regulator. I am looking for this particular model mask only.

    Darrick  (Certified Scuba Instructor at

    Hello Bill, you would need to send your mask directly to the manufacture for factory install.

  • rich:

    What is the First stage IP that is mask is designed to work at.

    Bob  (Certified Scuba Instructor at

    135-145psi This is not a hookah mask.

  • Francis:

    The Ocean Reef website advertises this mask as NITROX compatable to 40%, I did not see this feature on your websites write up. Is the mask youre selling O2 compatable?

    Darrick  (Certified Scuba Instructor at

    Hello Francis, always go by the manufacture reference.

  • mario:

    Can i know what is the 2nd stage regulator you are referring to? Is it and and additional like and octopus?

    Darrick  (Certified Scuba Instructor at

    Hello Mario, the 2nd stage is the regulator that is built into the mask. Now if you need an octo that would be an add-on item.

  • Shawn:

    i am legally blind and have very small fields of vision and wanted to know what the best option for me would be I have 10 degrees fields and when using a standard set of goggles isnt conducive for me. Im a beginner and look to persue scuba certification and padi in the near future.

    Arthur  (Certified Scuba Instructor at

    you really can''t beat the field of vision with full face masks.

  • joeyb:

    Im looking to buy this but i do have a question normally you can switch to a snorkel at surface but you dont really have an option for that with this setup. would you then use the surface valve when in the water?

    Darrick  (Certified Scuba Instructor at

    Hello Joeyb, no this mask does not have a snorkel tube. The surface air valve does let you breathe ambient air while at the surface but when you go underwater you will close this valve so water does not come in your mask.

  • Wendy:

    Can you tell me at what range the communication system will work? And can any other unit/receiver pick up a communication?

    Bob  (Certified Scuba Instructor at

    Like any 2 way communication system the 2 users have to use items that are part of the same system/frequency to communicate. The comms work in a cone underneath the surface transmitter. The useful range, both diver to diver and diver to surface can depend upon a handful of factors, such as particulate matter in the water, thermoclines, currents, etc.

  • Doug:

    Are you able to breath through your nose with these full face masks?

    Arthur  (Certified Scuba Instructor at

    yes you are.

33369 - Ocean Reef Neptune Space Predator Full Face Mask with 2nd Stage Regulator

Neptune Space Predator

The Neptune Space Predator is the newest innovation in the Neptune Series of full face masks. Listed in the 2010 Buyers Guide in Sport Diver Magazine, this latest edition to the Neptune Space mask series is constructed with parts made of Anticorodal®, a lightweight and durable aluminum compound used in aeronautics for applications requiring high mechanical resistance.

The front cover of the mask's state-of-the-art integrated regulator is made of laser-cut Anticorodal®. This portion of the regulator has a light gold finish recalling the helmets of the first deep water divers.

The adjustable knob, its external trim screw, the laser-cut and hand finished frame, and the six fast release buckles are all made of AISI 316 stainless steel. The sturdy feeling of the masks design allows divers to make sensitive micro adjustments to the airflow, even when using gloves.

Surface treatments protect the mask from salt water damage and tech polymer protection treatments allow the Neptune Space Predator to be used in extreme conditions.

The Predator has a low internal volume, an improved visual field, and an integrated surface air valve. It can be used with a communication unit and many accessories. The total weight of the mask is 1030 g (2.28lb) with a positive buoyancy of just 232 g (0.5lb), creating a light and comfortable fit.
The Predator is specifically designed for professional and high performance applications and comes with a limited lifetime warranty.

State-of-the-art integrated regulator
Reduced internal volume
Improved visual field; visible light transfer of visor is 92%
Premium grade silicone rubber bellos-type skirt (30-45mm, double that of a conventional mask)
Durable, scratch-resistant visor
4-position adjustable exhaust valve
Patented 3-D equalization system
Six strap head harness, providing firm mask positioning and quick mask donning and doffing
Integrated surface air valve
Easy access rubber purge button
Total weight of 1030 g (2.28 lbs) and a positive buoyancy of 232 g (0.5 lb), providing a light and comfortable fit
Can be used with a communication unit and various Neptune System accessories
Two sizes

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