Ocean Technology Surface Air Valve GP-7024 028168

Mfg Part #: GP-7024
  • For Mantis Full Face Mask
  • Allows you to breathe on the surface with the mask on instead of your tank

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Rating: OTS Surface Air Valve, $$$ but perhaps worth it for the convience
Reviewer: Larry Chin  -  View all my reviews
The OTS Surface Air Valve is not a necessity, but it sure does make life a lot easier. The first month or so, I used the Mantis without the air valve. Without the valve, upon surfacing, you just have to loosen the two lower straps on the face mask to break the seal to allow ambient air in. Not really a problem, but you do need to stay calm and have 2 hands available to do this. With the air valve, you simply open the valve. The unit was easy to install, although the written instructions I were included with the valve were in Japanese. Larry Chin

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Rating: OTS Mantis FFM Surface Breathing Valve
Reviewer: Kent Carlson  -  View all my reviews
Pros: A must if you wish to breath on the surface without using tank-air. Easy to install, find on the surface, and use (screw/unscrew). Of the two designs of which Im familiar, the scalloped edge with rectangular breathing holes seems to be easier to use/breath from (when compared to the knurled edge/circular breathing hole variety). Cons: Cost is very high (~$150). If installing a com unit in the left port and SBV in the right port, access to the SBV could be limited by the regulator (or at least made a little more difficult).

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Rating: surface air valve
a bit expensive, but have to have it

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Rating: great addition to mask
Reviewer: Glen C.  -  View all my reviews
you gotta have this valve with the mask...makes all the difference in the owrld..and installs in seconds.

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Questions and Answers for Ocean Technology Surface Air Valve:

  • Jason:

    The surface air valve for the mantis is a nice idea, but is there any sort of snorkel like hook-up for it that may work for snorkeling. The mask was purchased for use because of TMJ and jaw fatigue/locking. It would be nice to have some option to use it on the surface for snorkeling trips too.

    Darrick  (Certified Scuba Instructor at Scuba.com):

    Hello Jason, at this time no manufacture make an attachment like that for there full face masks.

GP-7024 - Ocean Technology Surface Air Valve

Works with the Mantis Full Face Mask

Instead of having to loosen the mask - an involved process that takes both hands - you can simply

open the valve to let in surface air. 

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