IST Full Face Mask - Rubber M37R 027198

Mfg Part #: M37R
  • The convenience of demand air, with the comfort of not having to bite the mouthpiece
  • Eliminates jaw fatigue and/or denture slipage
  • Multi-strap adjustment and easy, nose access for equalization
  • Allows for the attachment of most types of regulators

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Questions and Answers for IST Full Face Mask - Rubber:

  • Mary:

    Would this mask work for a snorkeler? Please be specific. My husband can not find a mask that doesnt leak, because of grooves in his face.

    Bill  (Certified Scuba Instructor at

    Although this will work with a snorkel it is not designed for that and may be a little cumbersome.

  • Bobbi:

    Im unable to scuba dive because Ive had issues trying to use the traditional mouth regulator for breathing. Do those somehow attach to this mask or does it require a special regulator? Asking because for vacations where we rent gear it would be ideal to only have to take along the mask so that I could enjoy diving with my husband...

    Bob  (Certified Scuba Instructor at

    This mask is designed for use with the regulator of your choosing. Very few resorts or dive shops are going to attach their regulator to your full face mask. On a safety note, while this will allow you to dive without the regulator mouthpiece in your mouth, it is still HIGHLY recommended the user be able to dive with a traditional regulator mouthpiece. In the event of an Out Of Air Emergency where you''d have to use another diver''s safe second, if you are unable to breath from a normal second stage you''d be placing yourself and your buddy in severe danger.

  • DARCY:

    can I use this mask for snorkeling? can I attach my mouthpiece from my snorkeling gear to it? have tried snorkeling but keep gagging with piece in my mouth. Thanks

    Bob  (Certified Scuba Instructor at

    I have heard of people using it for snorkeling. Pretty much any snorkel with a replaceable mouthpiece will fit it.



Pegasus full-face mask protects divers from extreme cold or grimy water. The 3-end strap secures the mask evenly and helps creating positive seal. Available in black silicone or rubber

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