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Ocean Technology Mantis Full Face Mask

Ocean Technology Mantis Full Face Mask Customer reviews see below

Scuba Lab Best Buy!
  • Can be used with any regulator
  • Dual tempered anti-fog lenses for exceptional visibility
  • Totally eliminates jaw fatigue
  • Built in purge-simply exhale through your nose and all the water drains away through a one-way valve
  • Crystal silicone - The highest grade silicone available for a soft comfortable seal
  • Quick release straps for easy donning and doffing
  • Breathe comfortably and naturally through both your nose and mouth
  • Multi-Head Straps for adjustments included
  • Easy nose access for equalization  
  • Dual accessory ports for communication
  • COLORS: Black Silicone or Clear
Ocean Technology Surface Air Valve ADD $154.95

Mantis Buddy Phone $749.00

Polar Fleece Beanie $6.95

Scuba Beach Towel $9.95


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Customer Reviews for Ocean Technology Mantis Full Face Mask:

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Rating: Very comfortable
Reviewer: Tom Adams
I got this mask due to jaw fatigue and a desire to breath through the nose and, I am happy with the results. It fits on my face well and is easy to put on and take off both out of the water and in the water. My diving is so much more enjoyable now. Nice not to have to worry about fogging either - no spit required to have clear lenses. I did not get the surface air valve and will be ordering it soon as on a boat dive it could save some air even though I did not notice a real change in the consumption. My bottom time was about the same - probably because my breathing is more relaxed and comfortable. Bottom line - great mask for those who have discomfort holding a regulator in your mouth.

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Rating: Mantis Full Face Mask
Reviewer: Dennis Jameson
Bought this mask for the safety of the 5 strap. I gold dredge in swift moving rivers and the cheaper 3 strap full face masks leak water and are easily swept off your face. The Mantis performed flawlessly in extremely fast water.

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15 out of 27 people found this review helpful.

Rating: Mantis Full Face Scuba Dive Mask Clear
Reviewer: JOHN M.
what a wonderful product. i have dentures and worry about losing my regulator, not any more. the installation of my regulator was easy, less than ten minutes. it took just a little time to learn that i could breath through my nose. im very comfortable in the water but the security afforded by the mask and the breathing through my nose has added another level. this comfort is really important on a deep or complex dive. the mask is comfortable to wear, and seals well even though i have a beard. i mostly dive from a boat, and do not use a snorkel, i use very little air on a a shore dive getting out to the spot, so no problem there for me. for the price and quality i would recommend this to any diver. a very good product.

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Rating: Mantis Mask
Reviewer: Nathan Blakeslee
I love that it comes from a name-brand manufacturer (OTS). Great product for the cost without heavy maintenance. I purchased to dive and clean boats with- donning is quick and easy. I also have little fear about straps breaking down because of the snap buckles- Encourage other to also purchase the clear masks so you can watch for possible mold issues or contaminates. Spend the extra money for this mask.

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Rating: Full Face Mantis
Reviewer: Robert W Popp  -  View all my reviews
The clear color is the smartest allowing only a little perifrial loss.It fits just fine for a slightly smaller face. The price is more down to earth than the higher priced models with as many extras. Rob Popp

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Rating: Best full mask!
Reviewer: chad d.
I love the full mask easy to put it on and can be easily adjusted to my face. It s very comfortable and doesnt leak. Highly recommend to buy it worth the price for the full mask!

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Rating: Mantis full-face mask
Reviewer: Frank Fish
this is a marvelous product. it has a low volume, so you dont waste air. it makes diving extremely comfortable. it is useful for people who have a strong gag reflex and have trouble holding a regulator in their mouth. i was able to dive down to 80 feet with no problem. the nose pinch worked well. the quick-release buckles make getting the mask on and off relatively easy. the only problems were that if you wash out the mask before a dive it is difficult to get every of water out and you end up breathing a fine watery mist at the beginning of the dive. when you come to the surface you are locked into the mask, so be sure to carry a spare mask or surface right at the boat. one should probably disconnect the mask from the regulator for transport and storage.

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Rating: OTS Mantis FFM
Reviewer: Kent Carlson  -  View all my reviews
Pros: Mask fits well, construction seems mostly durable. Field of view seemingly increased over standard maks (that I use). Installation and use of Surface Breathing Valve and regulators very easy with provided directions. Donning and doffing of mask underwater made easy by quick release buckles on lower two (of five) straps. Anti-fog incorporated into mask lens works well. Cons: Cost of a compatible com system is high ($600-700). Some free-flow of air out through mask when head straps not adjusted. Plastic fittings for headstraps may have limited lifespan. Not sure how the silica inlet "mouthpiece" (where the regulator plugs in) will hold up after repeated assembly and dissassembly.

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Rating: Mantis full face mask
Reviewer: Omer N.
fantastic in the pool so far not a leaking into face but will try it first in the sea without attachments before i get adventurous> it is hard not to waste air from a beach dive when the swim is 50 metres such as port o cove in vancouver b.c canada however all masks have leaked for me so far due to profile so this is miracle mask for me till i sea dive. dont go without surface air valve if intending to beach dive but always have secondary stage mask in pocket and choose a wide regulator for this mask

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356 out of 715 people found this review helpful.

Rating: Mantis Full Face by OTS
Reviewer: Bryan Toro
Best Mask for the price. Easy to install 2nd Stage and works good at depths. Never fogs. Mask molds to your face after a period of use, becoming most comfortable mask i have ever owned. The surface breathing valve is a MUST HAVE accessory! OTS has amazing customer service

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