XS Scuba SMB Rescue Kit AC090-OR 131555 XS Scuba SMB Rescue Kit AC090-OR 131555
XS Scuba SMB Rescue Kit AC090-OR 131555 XS Scuba SMB Rescue Kit AC090-OR 131555

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Mfg Part #: AC090
  • The SMB Rescue Kit includes:
  • Safety Sausage (SMB)
    • Surface signal device
    • Over 6 feet long! (75 inches) with a 7.5 inch circumference for highest visibility
    • Inflatable with mouthpiece
    • Easily attachable snap clip
    • COLOR: Orange
  • Light Stick
    • For above-water or underwater use
    • Lasts up to 12 hours
  • Compass
    • Great for multiple headings and reciprocal numbers
  • Whistle
    • Patented "pealess" whistle works even when soaking wet
    • Used by the Coast Guard and Search and Rescue
  • Signal Mirror
    • Manufactured from non-breakable plastic
    • Can be seen up to ten miles
    • Sighting target in center of mirror 
  • Buddy Connector
    • Stayed hooked on to your dive buddy in emergency situations

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Rating: Excellent products!
Reviewer: Marco L.  -  View all my reviews
As a new Dive Master, safety is the top priority. I bought this product as the SMB comes with a complete set with Light Stick, Compass, Whistle, Signal Mirror and a Buddy Connector. Recalled my recent night dive with group of divers, we were drifted away due to surface current, thanks to the highly visible SMB, combined with loud whistle and torch the signal mirror with my dive torch, the boatman spotted us within seconds from far.... I highly recommending to all divers to dive with this product. The only drawback of this product is the compass in this set is not working however I always dive with my wristband compass.

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Rating: Every diver needs this.
Reviewer: Daniel H.  -  View all my reviews
Great product

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Safety Tube

6' long x 9' circumference
Rolls compact to 5' x 3'
Includes mesh bag with snap clip
SS grommet at top to attach light
Clip to attach to diver when inflated
Easy to use oral inflator


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