Trident Buddy Call Underwater Signaling Device D631 130496

Mfg Part #: D631
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  • Free Batteries included
  • Free Wrist strap or BC attachment included
  • Battery powered underwater buddy signaling device
  • Communicate easily
  • Get attention fast
  • Worn around the wrist like a watch or attached
    to other gear like a diver's BCD
  • Audible up to 100 feet underwater
  • Essential piece of gear for all dives
  • DEPTH: 110 feet

Customer Reviews for Trident Buddy Call Underwater Signaling Device:

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Rating: Lighter and more compact than shaker sticks. Easily heard underwater.
Reviewer: Willis Chung
We took a pair of these to Bonaire for a week of diving, and my son and I were able to hear these at a range of 50 feet or so while wearing hoods. There were times when we didnt hear each other, but it seemed to happen less often compared to using our shaker sticks. Went down to 105 with these without a problem. The advantages over shaker sticks: much lighter, easier to find the unit to signal (screwed in to one of the shoulder strap D-ring pulls), easier to signal for a long time, can signal and do other things at same time (take pictures, look for slate to write something, etc) Disadvantages compared to a shaker stick: accidental activation in and out of the water (I tape a Snapple or other similar bottle top over the activation button for transport in the plane), batteries could be dead when you need it (true of anything electronic). I have been looking for ways to reduce the weight of our gear since we have been slowly but steadily adding things to our BCDs. These are much lighter than the shaker sticks with retractable leashes we usually carry and are much more compact as well. Kudos to Scuba.coms customer support. One unit of the pair arrived defective and shipped out a replacement overnight via FedEx in time for our trip to Bonaire. The defective unit was immediately obvious: it would only make a weak, choking chicken sound after pushing the button 10 times or so, and there was something rattling around inside when I shook the unit. Thanks!

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Rating: Very happy with the Buddy Call
Reviewer: Dawn W.
My husband and I used the Buddy Call every time we snorkeled on our recent sailing week in the Caribbean. Since it was just the two of us, we needed a way to keep in touch underwater - especially when the swells made it difficult to see each other on the surface. The fish/turtles/stingrays/squid/octopi did not seem disturbed by the sound - underwater, it sounds like a big persistent bird. You push the button to turn it on and push again to turn it off - this allows you to customize the calls if you want. We used it to signal: come look, take a photograph, where are you?, lets surface to talk, and ready to head back to the very far away boat. We will use the Buddy Call every time we snorkel - LOVE it. At first I thought the price was a bit steep, but after using it, for us it was worth every penny we paid.

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Rating: good not great alert
Reviewer: hunter smith  -  View all my reviews
Needs to be loader. Good to get attention but not as emergeny alert

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Questions and Answers for Trident Buddy Call Underwater Signaling Device:

  • dennis:

    Darrick mentioned the 2 units have to be within 100 feet of each other. Are these usuable alone or do they have to have another as a receiver? Are they sold individually or as a pair?

    Arthur  (Certified Scuba Instructor at

    Hello, this is only a sound making device. So they can be used individually and they are sold in single units.

  • John:

    My buddy just doesnt hear tank banging. Any Idea the decibels this product will deliver at 50 ft ? Can the ave person hear it distinctively at 75 ft. At 75 ft any idea of the decibel level - normal voice level ?

    Darrick  (Certified Scuba Instructor at

    Hello John, to find out the tech specs you would need to contact the manufacture directly. You can contact them at 800.234.3483.

  • Deb:

    Is the buddy call an air horn or what? Im trying to find a way to signal a diver that is underwater around 20ft and from about 30 ft distance from the surface. But also without scaring people above surface ona boat, etc

    Darrick  (Certified Scuba Instructor at

    Hello Deb, this is an audible underwater call. The two units have to be underwater and with-in 100'' of each other.

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