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Mares Surface Marker Buoy (SMB)

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Customer Reviews for Mares Surface Marker Buoy (SMB):

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Average Customer Review: based on 8 reviews.

Rating: good but basic
Reviewer: Michael Smith,  - View all my reviews
The pouch is perfect for BCD pockets, The included line is weak and must be replaced. The cheap reel would probably be a good idea. The way to the bottom helps keep it upright but is not enough. With enough tension to keep it up right, you only get about 2 feet of vertical visibility. Overalll a good value for the money, But if you want a better one get one at least 6ft. long.

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Rating: Effective but awkward
Reviewer: Alfred Garren,  - View all my reviews
This SMB is easily seen on the surface but it is awkward to carry. Keeping it inside the supplied carrying bag makes it too large to fit in most BCD pockets, if you snap the bag on the outside it dangles and creates drag. If the manufacturer had provided a velcro tie on the SMB it could be rolled up and stored in a BCD pocket more easily but they did not. The line supplied is worthless so plan on replacinging it.

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Rating: Can you see me now
Reviewer: Joseph Nowak,  - View all my reviews
Having seen divers come up a ways away and need to be seen for the dive boat to come get them, I bought this SMB. I like that it inflates from the octo, so you can send it up while still at a safety stop. I dont want to try an oral inflation or use the lpi on the bcd to inflate while in rough seas in the Atlantic. I will keep this with me.

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Rating: havent used it yet
Reviewer: Steven T.,  - View all my reviews
seems to be good quality and Im sure it will work fine.

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Rating: Mares Surface Marker Buoy
Reviewer: Tara B.,  - View all my reviews
Negatives - seems shorter than regular safety sausages (maybe because its a surface marker primarily). Maybe only 5 feet long? A bit heavy to carry around in your BC because of the magnetic closure at the bottom of the tube. Thick plastic and straps make this a durable-seeming product. Carrying case is handy too.

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Rating: Marker Buoy
Reviewer: John I.,
Thank you, just what I expected, that is why I do business with Scuba.com, only one thing, you negelected to include a I Love Scuba.com sticker. Happy Easter to you all, John Iuzzini

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Rating: good smb
Reviewer: DeAnne D.,  - View all my reviews
THe SMB is good, but the bag tore at the seams, after 45 dives.

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Rating: SMB yes, Rope no
Reviewer: Scott J.,  - View all my reviews
I love the SMB, but the string was a joke. Replaced it with a good 15 line.

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