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XS Scuba Kevlar Bug Grabber 2mm Diving Gloves

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  • Great for lobster diving
  • Reinforced Kevlar palm
  • Kevlar wrapped thumb and fingertips
  • Adjustable Velcro wrist closure
  • SIZES: Small through 2XLarge
  • COLORS: Black
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Customer Reviews for XS Scuba Kevlar Bug Grabber 2mm Diving Gloves:

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Rating: fantastick gloves
Reviewer: Christianna S.,
these are the best gloves i have ever had i have usaged them lobster diving on maney accashions and have never been cut by one but dont think that these gloves are just for bugs i usage these on almost every dive i go on thay are amasing ly warm thay cept me warm in the 57 degree water of upstate ny but i still usage them plenty in the florida keys. they are even perfict for spesrfishing. i alwas where mine when i am shooting fish off of south carolina. i personaly ceep a pair in my boat when bottom fishing and have usaged them duck hunting. my only advice to you is get a sise up if you have bigger hands gecause thay can be a little tight .

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Reviewer: Robert W.,
Bought these for a quick trip to the Bahamas for Lobster catching. In the Bahamas you can only catch Lobsters with snorkel equipment and a "Hawaiian Sling". No spear gun or tanks. A good pair of gloves are so important to getting the lobster off the spear and into the boat quickly and securely. Bob

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62 out of 121 people found this review helpful.

Rating: Best Hunting Gloves For The Money....
Reviewer: James W.,  - View all my reviews
I like the ALL ArmorTex but when I want to save a few bucks I buy these. They work great for spearingfishing, lobster and lionfish hunting. I go through a lot of gloves doing lionfish hunting so if you want to get a few extra miles out of them use a little FLEXIABLE glue along the sewing seams on the fingers. Also you may like the fit of one size bigger than you would normally order (same goes for the the AllArmorTex).

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Rating: XS Scuba Kevlar Bug Grabber 2mm Diving Gloves
Reviewer: Chad P.,
Descent kevlar glove. Velcro could have been more industial. A friend of mine has the Pinnacle kevlar gloves. His velcro strap is wider and the cuffs are extended. When these wear out I will opt for the Pinnacles.

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Rating: Professional, gear, highest quality
Reviewer: Luelly Harper,  - View all my reviews
Love dealing with these guys.

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74 out of 142 people found this review helpful.

Rating: Good gloves
Reviewer: Keith B.,  - View all my reviews
Bought these gloves for freshwater diving and spearfishing and they have worked great.

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120 out of 241 people found this review helpful.

Rating: Comparison of Deep See 2mm Barnacle gloves & XS Scuba Kevlar Bug Grabber 2mm Gloves
Reviewer: Larry C. S.,
I am a volunteer diver at a local zoo as well as a recreational diver. I help to clean/scrub a 100,000 gal. reef tank. I have to hold onto an artificial reef with one hand while I scrub/clean with the other. Last year after wearing out a pair of reef gloves in a short period of time, I decided to do a head to head comparison of two different gloves. I alternated using of Deep See 2mm Barnacle gloves and XS Scuba Kevlar Bug Grabber 2mm gloves. In my opinion, I thought that the Barnacle gloves would outlast the Bug Grabber gloves. I liked the tactile sensation of Barnacle gloves a little better than the Bug Grabber gloves. However, the Barnacle gloves did not hold up as well. After I had repaired the Barnacle gloves a couple of times, they gave up the ghost (They lasted about seven months). Since that time, I have been using the Bug Grabber gloves exclusively. They have held up well while wreck diving and cleaning the reef tank. The Bug Grabber gloves kept my hands warmer than the Barnacle gloves. After about a year, the Bug Grabber gloves began to show a little wear (no holes), but I still use that first pair with my recreation dive gear. I have not had any problem using my computer or any of the rest of my gear while using the Bug Grabber gloves. Most of you will not be as rough on your gloves as I am (at least I hope that none of you will be clinging to a reef the way that I do). I found that the Bug Grabber gloves held up better than the Barnacle gloves. I would recommend the Bug Grabber gloves to others. I would buy another pair of the Bug Grabber gloves. And, I did.

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Rating: Average results
Reviewer: Shane M.,
I use these gloves for spearfishing. I grab fish, brush and objects in the water so they are not babied!! I noticed after the first day that the thread has already begun to come undone and the velcro strap on one has already torn loose. Under the circumstances the gloves have performed average.

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Rating: Bug Grabber
Reviewer: Michael Perrego,
This is promoted as a bug grabber yet if these gloves were used to grab lobsters in florida they wouldnt last 2 dives. the kevlar name is not used as expected. their are gloves that are intertwined kevlar that is perfect for spiny lobsters yet these gloves do not fit the bill.

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Reviewer: Eric McDermott,  - View all my reviews
These gloves are great! Not too thick. They fit my hands perfectly. They are the perfect combination for keeping your hands warm, yet youre still able to use your hands for just about anything, including zippers, etc. They might not keep your hands warm enough in very cold water, but theyre good for about 60 degrees and up.

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