Pinnacle V-Skin Trilaminate Merino Dive Socks VS50UBK12 102179

Mfg Part #: VS50UBK1

Pinnacle V-Skin Trilaminate Merino Dive Socks

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  • V-Skin material
  • Provides warmth and protection from fins
  • No-Zip pull-on
  • Can be used with both full foot and open heel fins
  • Great for travel diving and snorkeling
  • Merino lining for increased warmth and comfort
  • Added warmth for that cold dive
  • COLOR: Black
  • SIZES: 6 through 13 

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Reviewer: lorie g.  -  View all my reviews
I got these for my husband who frequently spear fishes off the Daytona Beach coast. He likes his full foot free diving fins but hasnt been able to wear them in the winter months, until now. He loves them, his buddies were envious. Warm enough for full foot fins yet, thin enough to wear with booties. Great find!

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Questions and Answers for Pinnacle V-Skin Trilaminate Merino Dive Socks:

  • kathy:

    Are these 0.5mm?

    Chance  (Certified Scuba Instructor at

    It is a different material than neoprene. Its about as thick as a 1mm and about as warm as a 2mm.


Though Merino™ was virtually unknown to the diving industry 5 years ago, it has come to be known as a hallmark of excellence. Discerning divers who want the most innovative and most durable products seek out PINNACLE, and those who will settle only for the best of the best choose PINNACLE’s Merino™ lined products. This unique material is truly the best-performing way to line a suit ever devised, providing more warmth, comfort, and odor control than any other.

Most wetsuits are lined with a synthetic weave of nylon and polyester, no different than they were 25 years ago. Once water floods these wetsuits, the water flows freely around the diver within the suit because the suit’s lining has very little ability to absorb and retain water. The diver’s body heat is drawn away from the diver in order to warm up the colder water, the exact inverse of an ice cube melting in a glass of water in order to chill the beverage. This creates temperature equilibrium, making the diver somewhat colder and the water slightly warmer. After the water sloshes around the interior of the suit, it then spills out into the environment, only to be replaced by more cold water from the outside environment, and the process begins again. Over time, the diver’s body loses more and more heat as it futilely tries to heat up huge and ever-cycling quantities of water. (Remember what happens to the ice cube after a short time!).

However, PINNACLE’s best suits work on an entirely different concept. Our seals are more complicated and costly to build, but worth the expense, as they are infinitely more effective. They keep cold water out of the suit and trap warmed water inside the suit. PINNACLE’s high-end suits, boots, gloves, hoods, hooded vests, drysuits, and undergarments employ the patented Merino™ lining system, which holds up to 30% more warm water vapor, creating a thermally protected personal environment for the diver.


Pinnacle's new V-skin line takes all the technical features that Pinnacle has developed over the years and incorporates them into a layering system that will add significant thermal protection without buoyancy.
The V-skin line has taken Pinnacle's patented Merino™ lining to another level by incorporating it into a tri-laminate material with a microporous membrane and high stretch outer lycra. This highly technical combination of materials will form perfectly to the body without causing restriction; the form fit creates the perfect water layer held in place by the impermeable membrane. When out of the water the microporous membrane acts as a barrier eliminating wind chill while allowing excess heat and moisture to escape. With strategically placed highly breathable bi-laminate Merino™ panels the new V-skin line is the most comfortable and thermally efficient product on the market today.

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