XS Scuba Beefy Polyolefin Hot Dive Socks BT150 002334

Mfg Part #: BT150
  • As Much Warmth as 1-2mm Socks, Without Buoyancy
  • Plush velour double brushed inside for greater comfort and warmth
  • Fast drying
  • Odor resistant
  • Ultra durable
  • Highly abrasion and velcro resistant
  • Resistant to chlorine, anti-microbial and will not fade in sunlight
  • One size fits all

Customer Reviews for XS Scuba Beefy Polyolefin Hot Dive Socks:

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Rating: XS Scuba Beefy Polyolefin Hot Dive Socks Review - Scuba Gear Customer Reviews
Reviewer: Charles L.
I found that after a long day of diving (or multiple days with my feet in my boots/fins) the tops of my toes would get raw. I got these socks and they fit good and work great! No raw toes now even with my same boots/fins. And these dive socks help the boots go on and off much more easily too!

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Rating: Socks.
Reviewer: Charles R Cunningham II  -  View all my reviews
Really comfortable and feel sturdy. Lets see how they hold up. Feel great, easy to put on and take off, dry pretty quickly and look great after but 7 dives. Think Im going to like them better than the regular Lycra socks.

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Rating: 18 Dives/5 days/No Blisters!
Reviewer: Nick L.  -  View all my reviews
I like to use full foot fins on tropical dives. Unfortunately when doing this barefoot it leads to blisters. Have used other socks which have either been too thin (still got blisters) or too thick (could barely get fins on and off). These socks are just right. Spent a week in the Bahamas made 18 dives and got ZERO blisters. Are also thick enough to provide some warmth if desired. The smooth finish also makes it easier to don wetsuit.

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Rating: warm and perfect
Reviewer: R Timothy Fitzner  -  View all my reviews
The socks work perfectly. The cushion my feet, and they keep them warm, and it lets me use my full foot fins instead of my bigger heavier ones so it is much easier to tote for boat diving. Dry quickly and I. love them. Even after a heavy week of live aboard diving (5-6 dives daily), I had no rubs or rashes and they looked immaculate still. I like them so much, I bought two more pairs of my kids to use.

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Rating: Highly useful & very comfortable
Reviewer: Ron D.  -  View all my reviews
My wife and I bought these when looking for a set of socks to wear under our dive boots for a trip to Bonaire. Since there is so much walking we wanted something that would help prevent blisters. My secondary goal to buy a set of socks that would last more than one trip. The XS Scuba Beefy socks did the trick. What surprised me was that I didnt realize how much Id appreciate the extra warmth these socks provided. Im generally a hot blooded person and was afraid me feet would be too warm but that wasnt the case. In fact, the extra warmth was quite pleasing. I must comment that the one size fits all is accurate too. I wear a mens size 11 shoe and my wife wears a womens size 7. We both found the fit to be comfortable.

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Rating: Blister saver
Reviewer: Steve J.
I have always had problems with blisters on the top of my toes after several days of diving. Nothing I have tried can even come close to preventing them until I tried these socks. I swim 3 km every day with my shorty fins and socks and just got back from 7 days of 4/day diving in the Bahamas without a single blister. I can no longer dive or swim without them. Thanks.

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Rating: These socks are a must have
Reviewer: Kurt Bublitz  -  View all my reviews
Nothing could be finer than these socks when it comes to putting on or taking off your boots. The boots just slide on and off. I am a recreational gold dredger and at the end of the day I am tired and it is a real pleasure just to slide the boots off. You got to have them.

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Rating: IMHO
Reviewer: ALEKSANDR Z.
Socks help to easily wear boots. Very useful for hygiene with strangers bots

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Rating: Makes Life a whole lot easier
Reviewer: Barbara Bublitz  -  View all my reviews
My booties dont have the zipper and it was alway a workout after a day of gold dredging to take off my wetsuit and boots. Well, I tried out these Lycra Socks after reading the other reviews that where positive and yes, they make putting on and taking off your boots and wetsuit so much easier. Wish I had thought of trying these out before, but better late than never. You will be glad you bought them.

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Rating: Very Good
Reviewer: Christopher Larson  -  View all my reviews
These socks hold up surprisingly well to rocks and rough ground. I use them only to protect the interior of my open cell suit from my rough feet when suiting up, but I leave them on after Ive suited up. You never realize youre wearing them, and they stay put. I walk back up the shore on rocks and gravel multiple times, and these socks havent worn through yet. They have some rough spots now, but its just on the surface. I bought two extra pairs as backup.

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Questions and Answers for XS Scuba Beefy Polyolefin Hot Dive Socks:

  • lar:

    Hi, Im looking for some ultra warm socks for my 2 10yr old daughters use when riding waverunners. Does the XS in this product name mean extra small? If not can you recommend some polyolefin socks for them? Thanks.

    Darrick  (Certified Scuba Instructor at Scuba.com):

    Hello Lar, no the XS in the name XS Scuba is the manufacture name not the size.

  • Heavy 280 GSM four-way stretch Polyolefin fleece materialPolyolefin is a polypropylene with fleece backing
  • Manufactured with flat-lock stitching
  • Take the effort out of putting on your wetsuit & boots
  • Reduce foot discomfort with full foot fins
  • One size fits most
  • Color: Black


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