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Pinnacle 3mm Stealth Fin Socks BT16UBK14 002205


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Pinnacle 3mm Stealth Fin Socks

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Black Mens 14

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Customer Reviews for Pinnacle 3mm Stealth Fin Socks:

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Rating: pinnacle 3mm fin socks
Reviewer: Joanne C.,
as others had written, they seem to be sized fairly large. I usually wear a womans 9 1/2 to 10. I ordered the womens 9 and it was still a little big but that did not cause any problems. the fin socks fit well in my fins. There is a thin sole which would usually be adequate for boat diving and some shore diving. However, I was shore diving in Bonaire and I could have used a thicker sole for walking on the coral on the beach and getting into the water. I will continue to use these for boat diving, but I will need to get a thicker sole before I go shore diving again.

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Rating: Dive boots
Reviewer: Rev Bruce D McCabe,  - View all my reviews
They back ordered, and gave me Dive boots that worked just as good! Great Product! at a good price too!

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59 out of 119 people found this review helpful.

Rating: Swim fins
Reviewer: Robert Jenkins,  - View all my reviews
Arrived promply, as always. Looks good and fits nice. Waiting for my dive trip to look cool go fast. go for the sun and waves. BJ

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83 out of 171 people found this review helpful.

Rating: perfect choice in a narrow field to from.
Reviewer: Christopher B.,
I found the Pinnacle Stealth Fin Socks the perfect compliment to my closed heel fins. I was looking for a sock with a little protection against sand wear. There are very few socks with a rubber coating on the bottom. After much consideration and reading I chose the Pinnacle Stealth Fin Socks and I am not disappointed. On my feet the fit is perfect, snug where it should be and not too snug where it shouldnt. The rubber should offer protection against wear from the beach sand while still remaining thin enough to fit in the closed heel fins. For those interested I am using them with a pair of Omer Millennium Ice fins. Another product I am completely satisfied with. These socks are definitely a 5 out of 5!

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Reviewer: Eric McDermott,  - View all my reviews
These fin socks are great! Good price. Be careful of what size you get. I wear a 9 1/2 shoe, but had to buy the fin socks as a size 8. That was the only problem though. They work well with my open heal fins and they keep my feet warm. I used them in 60 degree water once and my feet were still warm. Easy to don and easy to take off. The sole is not hard, but just enough thickness to walk around comfortably.

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406 out of 788 people found this review helpful.

Rating: 3mm stealth sock Pinnacle
Reviewer: Rodney Stoltz,
If you are a cold water free diver and use closed heel free diving fins this is THE sock to wear. The top portion of the sock is made with easy glide skin in neoprene which does a stellar job of keeping water out. My feet have never been so warm. (I dive in Northern CA, 50 degree h2o). I suggest going a size down if you wear a 1/2 size shoe. Also maybe apply a little hair conditioner or some water soluable lube. The rubber soles create a little difficulty donning the fin otherwise. Once the fin is on it is very stable on the foot unlike any other sock I have worn. Last but not least, the price is right.

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Rating: Pinnacle fin sock
Reviewer: Jordan M.,
Though the only swimming I can do right now is training in pools (I live up north), the Pinnacle Stealth Fin Sock has worked great for me. Before I had this fin sock my open healed flippers were very uncomfortable. This sock has held up well and is very comfortable!

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Rating: Altimate Fin Soak
Reviewer: Robert C.,
my mare boots were wearing thin, so a replacement. a sock this time, didnt need a boot. pleasantly suprised with the pinnacle 3mm sock. just tested them in st maarten the first of feb. youre into and out of them without the need for a side zipper. bottom protection appears good, even over dead coral on beaches. 3mm provides enough warnmth in the caribbean waters. also drying time is very good.

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323 out of 643 people found this review helpful.

Rating: warm socks
Reviewer: Brian O.,  - View all my reviews
I bought these socks for some full foot fins I have that wont accomodate my 7 mil boots. These work great, and keep my feet as warm as my 7 mm booties

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286 out of 614 people found this review helpful.

Rating: fin socks
Reviewer: Susan Troy,  - View all my reviews
I would call the soft boots rather than socks but they fit perfectly and feel good.

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390 out of 754 people found this review helpful.

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