XS Scuba Sedona Dry ´´E´´ Pouch BG615 018514

Mfg Part #: BG615
  • Great for the wallet, passport, other valuable papers,
    small cell phones, any small item that must stay dry
  • Unique roll-down top keeps items totally dry
  • Adjustable neck strap

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XS Scuba Sedona Dry E Pouch BG615

Dry Storage For Small Items
For anything small that must be kept dry
Perfect for cell phone, iPod, digital
camera, wallet, etc.
Clear front to see contents inside
Top opening
Roll down and Velcro dry seal
Additional seal with ziploc closure
Adjustable neck strap

XS Bags Feature:

Unique designs for today’s active divers and travelers
Built to withstand the harsh ocean environment and dive travel trips
Assembled with stainless steel nuts and bolts (no cheap rivets)
Easy-access, high-capacity storage
Specialized configurations and sizes
Locking, retractable pull handles that won’t fail
Exclusive, replaceable, modular, wheel assemblies with stainless steel hardware
Only the finest quality YKK zippers
Wide selection of optional accessories
Our staff has been designing the industry’s most popular bags for more than fifteen years. Put your trust into the experience of XS Scuba!

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