Del Mar Tec 200 Deluxe Stainless Steel Watch GP-4532 030721

Mfg Part #: GP-4532
  • Professional diving watch
  • Stainless steel case
  • One way ratcheting bezel
  • Screw down crown
  • 10 year long life battery
  • Magnified calendar bubble on a mineral glass crystal.
  • Adjustable two-tone all stainless watch band
  • DEPTH: 660 Feet

Customer Reviews for Del Mar Tec 200 Deluxe Stainless Steel Watch:

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Rating: Del Mar Ladies Watch
Reviewer: Ralph Z.
We had the watch 2 weeks when the jewel on the dial fell off the watch. When we called to get it replaced we were told they would send it to the manufacturer and we would be without the watch while it is repaired. Since it was under 30 days we feel should have sent a replacement so we wouldnt be inconvenienced. The watch is lightweight and good looking but we cant comment on reliability just yet.

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Rating: What a Perfect Watch!
Reviewer: Michael Thomason
The design of the $8000 Rolex two-tone Submariner has always been a favorite. In the 90s, Tag Heuer sold a gold-and-steel diving watch styled after the Submariner for $1500 or so. This Del Mar is an almost exact copy of the Submariner, minus the gold, but with the "gold-tone" and all the functionality intact. In fact, the biggest drawback of the Submariner, after the price, was the boat anchor weight. The Del Mar, while still a heavy watch, actually has an advantage over the Rolex in its lighter weight. This watch gets right what a watch should get right. The two metals and the distinctive rounded points at the end of the hour and second hands give this watch good looks. The 660-foot waterproof seals mean you can not only dive with this watch, you need never take it off, including showering and swimming. (Your significant other says take it off so it doesnt scratch when you get amorous.) No unnecessary digital displays or excessively fancy touches. The phosphorescent (glow-in-the-dark) hands, hour markers, and bezel marker mean you can see the time in the dark (without needing to use both hands to push some button to turn on a watchs self illumination, as many watches require). However, this is the watchs drawback. While the hour and bezel markers glow all night, the phosporescence on the hands poops out after about two hours. In fact, my local jeweler will be shipping out the hands from my Del Mar Tec 200 Delux to a specialty repair shop to replace the phosphor with one equivalent to that in the hour and bezel markers. The "gold-tone" on this watch wont last. With continuous use, it is going to wear off within two years or so. Who cares! Anyone who sees it thinks you are wearing a Rolex! It is a cheap imitation, but an imitation which is actually waterproof and will last for years. In todays market, this watch wont be manufactured for more than a few months, and when its gone there will be nothing equivalent available. Buy two! When the first one wears out, you will still be set!

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Rating: Keeping time
Reviewer: Brian Olson Instructor
This is a good looking watch! It has a simple elegance and classic look. The steel body is tough as nails and it looks good with a suit - Italian silk or Neoprene. The ratcheting bezel allows you to keep track of your dive time as well as keeps you on time for the boat or for your next board meeting. This is a great addition to any divers wardrobe.

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Rating: Great Watch!
Reviewer: Stephan S.
This watch does everything it is asked to do. Plus the watch has such great looks that you can use it as a dress watch! A+++++++

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