Seac 5mm Techspan I-Flex Mens Wetsuit 0103/02 249114

Mfg Part #: 0103
  • Anatomical Pre-bent arms & legs
  • I-flex (Super-Stretch) will stretch 300% more than standard neoprene
  • Smooth skin and zipper system to ensure maximum seal and comfort at the wrists and ankles
  • Padded elbows for abrasion resistance and shock protection
  • Back zip with leash (pull cord)
  • MENS COLOR: Black & Navy with Green Accents
  • MENS SIZES: Small through 3XLarge

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The flexible suit.One-piece in super-stretchy, new-generation Extraflex Neoprene with a preformed cut, preinclined and differentiated for men and women. In combination with the dedicated vest and the new Undervest (see details in photo), this is the solution to obtain thermal comfort and minimise the exchange of water between inside and out. zoomIFLEX Outer lining: Extraflex • Inner lining: Plush • Zipper: YKK • Wrists and ankles: Single Cone system with Smooth Skin against the skin • Hood: optional. Einteiler mit Rücken-RV, aus superelastischem Neopren der neuen Generation “Extraflex”. 


Neoprene with super-stretchy Techspan lining that, in addition to guaranteeing excellent insulation, also gives an extraordinary sensation of softness.

Knee & Elbow Protection

The materials used to reinforce the elbows and knees were selected to maximize the protection of SEAC suits in the most delicate points that are subject to wear.

Double Cuff System

Smooth skin and zipper system to ensure maximum seal and comfort at the wrists and ankles.

Combo Set

Combination with vest that allows a one-piece complement capable of increasing the thickness of the Neoprene as desired. Useful for facing extreme water temperatures.

Anatomical Cut

The special pre-formed and pre-inclined anatomical cut of the SEAC suits allows perfect body-suit adherence and seal

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