Neosport by Henderson 7mm Waterman Step-In Wetsuit Jacket S676MF-01-S 150363

Mfg Part #: S676MF
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  • Front Zip
  • Step-in Jacket Only
  • Wear by itself or Mix and Match
  • Step-in jacket only
  • COLOR: Black
  • MENS SIZES: Small through 3XLarge

Customer Reviews for Neosport by Henderson 7mm Waterman Step-In Wetsuit Jacket:

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Rating: Nice Wetsuit
Reviewer: Paul D.
After using my last Akona wetsuit 12 years I was looking for a low price option as even in Buffalo you dont need a 7mil suit year around. The Henderson name attracted me to the suit and I have found it to be well made, of quality material. I found the fit to be generous fitting myself at 59" 225# and a friend at 61" 260# easily. I only had to replace the Top but My friend is ordering the full suit. I was amazed after using the Akona for so long how the Neosport suit moves with you. it has much more freedom in the shoulders and legs than I expected from a low priced suit. Overall it is the best value in a wetsuit Ive seen.

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Rating: Quality vs price is excellent.
Reviewer: Andrew A.
It is very buoyant as 7mm on 7mm makes it double. It is not cold at all at 60F, will see in the fall. I like 2 piece it is very easy to remove the jacket so that between dive you feel cooler. I dive every week-end after being certified as Open water Diver. Yes, Im a fresh green pea but to live to see.

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Rating: Toasty
Reviewer: kevin bryant
Wore this over my full 3mm suit for two hour plus dives at the Blue Heron Bridge in low 70s degree water in February. Kept me nice and toasty, just as I had hoped. Was also happy to see that it was easy to put on, even with the long sleeves. And, the price was definitely right. :-)

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Rating: Love love love
Reviewer: Sonny Vick
I primarily dive South eastern quarries and springs. I pair this with an EVO 5mm farmer john and Im good at temperatures down to 56 degrees. I love this thing and the greatest part is that whenever it wears out, Its affordable to the point that I can buy another one without breaking the bank.

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Rating: Good price, nice construction, lousy fit
Reviewer: Marcus Lyng  -  View all my reviews
I bought this wetsuit to use in warmer waters since I spend so much time under I was getting chilled in a thinner wetsuit of the same style. I was impressed with the low price and it being a Henderson so I choose it over its counterparts made by Aqualung and Sherwood. When I received it I thought the basic neoprene (Non- stretch neoprene) design was straight forward and all the seams and glueing looked good. Using it on my first two dive I quickly named it the Steroid Suit, because you would have to be a body builder on steroids for it to fit well. The chest is too large and I would have needed an extra inch or two of girth to fill out the suit and get a nice tight fit. This amused me because I actually am a bit barrel chested. The killer though was the crotch, it was so tight I gave up concentrating on my second dive mid way and started an epic battle with the suit to save my favorite dive buddy. All I could do was tug and pull at the legs of the suit in an effort to free up some space inside so that my sea pearls would not be crushed by the compression of the suit at depth, a shallow 40 feet! Getting back to the boat was the best thing about the dive, I had that suit off and kicked under a seat before my guests even made it close to the ladder. This is one of those try the fit before you buy it purchases. Good Luck.

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Rating: Great for the pool also
Reviewer: Keith M.
It may seem a bit extreme to wear a 7 mm wetsuit to swim in an indoor pool, but I get extremely cold so I decided to try this. It is great. I didnt like the long sleeves but the stitching is such that I could cut the sleeves without a problem. If cool pool water bothers you, I highly recommend this solution.

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Rating: Excellent jacket
Reviewer: Fadi .  -  View all my reviews
Its an excellent jacket keep you worm all the time and very cheap price.

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Rating: what a great deal
Reviewer: david k.
i shopped all over and just couldnt believe i could get exactly what i was looking for and for a price lower then used on craigs list. and the with the shipping still the best price anywhere. the suit juice was for the farmer john suit and works as advertised. keep up the good work.

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Rating: not just a "farmer jacket"
Reviewer: TODD T.  -  View all my reviews
I use this jacket(and bottoms) to make a living, low expense, great warmth, great duribility.Working in the cold water(42 degrees) for long period of time, taps the energy right out of you.size runs a little small(Im 56",155 lbs) and my large fits a little tight. seams are taped and glued-never blowing out, zipper is strong. arm mobility is restricted-jacket is a little stiff. overall performance A+, there is no other product on the market in this price bracket that even comes close!!!!

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Rating: Top quality at a very reasonable price!
Reviewer: Nick W.  -  View all my reviews
Top quality at a very reasonable price! Highly recommend.

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Questions and Answers for Neosport by Henderson 7mm Waterman Step-In Wetsuit Jacket:

  • Akon:

    Can the Henderson diving wetsuits be used for triathlons? The content of my Henderson wetsuit is 80% neoprene and 20% nylon and it says diving suit on the back. The typical triathlons wetsuits (which Ive seen and tried on) have a different feel to them and are more rigid and tight.

    Bob  (Certified Scuba Instructor at

    They CAN be used, although they wouldn't be the most functional choice. They are very buoyant (as with any diving wetsuit) making them tough to swim in, and the arms are designed with divers in mind and are made to keep them at your sides, as opposed to doing a freestyle stroke with.

  • Jim:

    Whats the difference betweeb "waterman" brand and other henderson 7mm for $69.00?

    Bill  (Certified Scuba Instructor at

    Waterman is the sport or value line. Best dollar for dollar value.

  • Seth:

    Hello, I am diving in 40-50 degree water, and will be wearing a 7mm wetsuit, in conjunction with a 7mm jacket. I need to purchase the jacket, but do not know what size I need to order. Do I order the same size jacket that I use for the wetsuit, or do I need to go one size up to allow the jacket to fit over the 7mm wetsuit? Thanks for any advise.

    Bill  (Certified Scuba Instructor at

    The jackets are designed to fit over a bottom half of a suit that does not cover the arms or shoulders. Putting this jacket over a full wetsuit will not work. A vest worn under a full suit would be a better choice. Order according to the size chart.

  • Sam:

    Pardon my ignorance, but I am new to diving. When it says that a wetsuit jacket can be worn "by itself," does that mean one doesnt need to wear anything *underneath* the jacket?

    Darrick  (Certified Scuba Instructor at

    What you are looking at is something that can be part of a two piece combo, a jacket (what you see now) and the john - - sometimes people will split up the combo and only wear half, that's why we say it can be worn by itself. What you would wear under a wetsuit in general can be a swim suit, underwear/nothing (little hard to take suit off on the boat with people around) or lycra skins.

  • Daniel:

    What size jacket do i need if i have a 45in chest and a 46.5in waist. I wear a size 40 pants. My hips are 47.5 I am 510 245lbs

    Darrick  (Certified Scuba Instructor at

    Hello Daniel, you would be a size 3XL.

  • larry:

    Kind of pushing the top of the envelope on x-large farmer john bottoms, is there enough stretch in x-large jacket to accommodate the bottoms? Larry

    Bill  (Certified Scuba Instructor at

    The jacket is adjusted to go over the farmer john.

  • Jason:

    You mention wearing this by itself, as without including a farmer john. I live in Ohio where the complete set with farmer john would be best for dives in my area. Could I use just this top jacket for warmer scuba dives when on vacation, say, Florida keys and Caribbean?

    Darrick  (Certified Scuba Instructor at

    Hello Jason, yes you can wear this as a stand alone item or you can wear this with the farmer john as a 2 piece combo.

  • Lee:

    Hi. What size will fit me best for the Neosport by Henderson 7mm Waterman Step-In Wetsuit Jacket? I am between 5-11 and 6 tall, 39" chest, 31" waist, weigh 140 lbs (Im thin, medium tall). Thanks!

    Chance  (Certified Scuba Instructor at

    I would recommend size medium based on your measurements.

  • Peter:

    Hi I am 63" 185lb with a 42 inch chest and a 30 inch waste for pants. Which sizes are most important and which size for this suit would be best

    Bob  (Certified Scuba Instructor at

    Your closest fit will be a size Large


Product Description
“Waterman” a name given to a person who works or spends his life on, in or around the water. We couldn’t think of a better name for our new John and Jacket combination. From it’s diamond plate knee pads to the trident waterman logo, this suit is all business. Designed to be used and abused and the best part it’s an incredible value, so replacing a suit a few times a season will not eat the profits of long day on the water. Available in 3mm, 5mm and 7mm. Johns and Jacket sold separately.

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Sizing / Materials
S - 3XL

Material Thickness
3mm, 5mm or 7mm

Neoprene material, Glued and Sewn seams, #10 YKK zipper, Velcro shoulder, Lycra edge trimmed wrist and ankle seals

Available Colors
Black only

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