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Thank you for shopping at We've done our best to ensure the privacy and security of your transactions with us. Your credit card number and other personal data will be treated with the highest standards of safety, security features, and confidentiality.

Secure Shopping

Orders placed on our site are encrypted using SSL technology, so rest assured that your transactions are protected. With SSL implemented on both the client and server, information sent via the Internet can be trusted to arrive privately and unaltered to our server only. In order for SSL security to work, you must use an SSL-enabled browser, such as version 3 or later of Microsoft Internet Explorer or Netscape Navigator.

Security and Privacy FAQ's

Q: What personally identifiable information is collected and how is it used?
A: We capture only the infomation necessary to complete your order, such as Billing Address and Shipping Address.

Q: What are cookies and how are they used?
A: Cookies are files that are stored on your local computer usually used to enhance your web experience. There are two types of information stored in your cookies:

  • Your order number(s).
  • Your customer number(s), which is encrypted.
    No credit card information or personal information is stored in cookies.

Q: What navigational information is collected and how is it used?
A: We capture only the URL which referred you to our site, such as Yahoo!.

Q: Can customers modify their personal information given?
A: Our customers can make changes to their personal information given on each order.

Q: How will my email be used?
A: Customers subscribing to our free newsletter will receive product specials only available to our email subscribers. They will also receive emails to write reviews for the products they have purchased and win prizes.

Q: How do users opt out of receiving any marketing material?
Customers who wish not to recieve any marketing materials need can change their preference by logging into My Account at any time or to going to our Email List Removal Page. Customers can also remove themselves in a single click by clicking on the unsubscribe link on the newsletter sent by us. Customers can also remove themselves by sending a mail with their email address and stating they would like be removed from our mailing list to, 1752 Langley Ave, Irvine 92614.

Q: Is personal information shared with third parties?
A: Information is never shared or sold to any other party.

Q: Can customers modify their personal information given?
A: Our customers can make changes to their personal information given on each order by logging in to their account.

Q: What is your policy regarding credit card fraud (Safe Shopping Guarantee)?
A: asks for information only the card holder should know, at the time of purchase. then checks certain parts of this information to verify information is correct.

Q: What methods of payment are accepted?
A: Cash (in our retail locations only), Check, Visa/MasterCard, American Express, Discover and gift certificates

Q: If an item is on backorder or out of stock, how are customers notified?
A: One of our certified instructors will call and/or email our customers to advise you an item is on backorder or is out of stock. Our instructors will also suggest a similar item in lieu of the item on backorder or out of stock. Please note, email is not encrypted and is not considered a secure means of transmitting credit card numbers. If you still have any concerns about ordering electronically, please call 1-800-34SCUBA to simply place your order over the phone. Have the item number, size and color ready for each item you wish to order.

Q: Why can't I add any item or more than one item to my cart?
A: Your browser must have cookies enabled to add items to your shopping cart. If your cookies are enabled and you still cannot add items to your cart then your shopping cart cookie has become corrupted and must be deleted.

If you are unable to add more than one item to your shopping cart, then your shopping cart cookie has become corrupted and must be deleted. To delete the cookie, follow these steps:

Google Chrome
Click on the "Tools" menu and select "Options".
Click the "Under the Hood" tab, locate the "Privacy" section and click the "Clear browsing data" button.
Select "Delete cookies and other site data" to delete all cookies from the list (alternatively, you can remove all cookies created within a specific time period by selecting the period you want from the dropdown list).
Select "Clear browsing history" to delete traces of which websites you've visited.
Select "Clear download history" to delete records of which files and programs you've downloaded.
Select "Empty the cache" to delete cached website pages.
You can also delete saved passwords (which log you into websites) and saved form data (such as your name and address).
Then click on the "Clear browsing data" button.
Click on the Close button when you've finished.

Internet Explorer 10
Open Internet Explorer for the desktop.
Tap or click the Tools button, point to Safety, and then tap or click Delete browsing history.
Select the Cookies check box, and then tap or click Delete.

Internet Explorer 9
Open Internet explorer window
Click the “Tools” button
Point to “safety” and then click “delete browsing history”
Tick the “cookies” box, then click “delete”

Internet Explorer 8
Click "Safety" on the Command bar
Select "Delete Browsing History"
Select the option for cookies and click Delete

Alternatively, Internet Explorer 8's new InPrivate browsing feature allows users to browse the internet without recording information from visited sites (including cookies). To use InPrivate mode:

Click "Safety" on the Command bar
Select "InPrivate Browsing"

Mozilla Firefox
Click on Tools, then Options (or Edit | Preferences on Linux)
Select Privacy
In the Cookies panel, click on Remove Individual Cookies
To remove a single cookie click on the entry in the list and click on the Remove Cookie button
To remove all cookies click on the Remove All Cookies button

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