How to prepare your mask for diving like a pro

You’ve found the perfect mask that fits your face and the right color to impress the fish.

Here are some tips to help you prepare your mask before taking it into the water for your diving adventure.

Mask Care and Cleaning

  1. Remove all labels from the lenses, inside and out.
  2. Take 500PSI’s Mask Scrub solution (preferred) or a non-gel toothpaste and apply to the inside of your mask lenses.
  3. Using your fingers in a circular motion, rubbed the mask scrub around the inside of your mask lens.
  4. Let sit for a few minutes
  5. Rinse mask.
  6. Place your snorkel on the left side of your head, attaching it to your mask strap.
  7. Place your mask on your face and adjust it for fit & remember, if you’re wearing a hood, readjust the strap size.
  8. When you’re ready to use the mask, use commercial defog like 500PSI Mask Defog, available in 2 Oz or 4 Oz bottles for portability. Dive leaders, Shop Owners or Dive Resort Operators, we recommend Trident’s Mask Defog Solution (available in 1 Gallon bottles.) Why should you use a Commercial Defog? It’s much more sanitary than your salvia and lasts longer keeping your mask crystal clear.

After use, make it a point to soak your mask in warm water, especially if it was used in salt water. The warmer water will break the salt crystals and keep your mask nice and clean.

Every once in a while, re-sanitize your mask with 500PSI’s Mask Scrub solution (preferred) or a non-gel toothpaste. It will keep them from retaining a possible mildew odor. You could also soak or rinse them with a mild solution of mouthwash.  This solution can also be used with your regulator mouthpiece, your manual inflator-hose and the inside of your BCD. 

Corrective Lenses for Masks

Do you wear corrective lens?
Don’t you want to see how big the barracudas or sharks really are? Or to be able to see the small Nudibranchs in the cooler waters off our coast or tiny colorful Madrid Fish of the warm Pacific Tropical Islands. has a variety of masks for divers and snorkelers requiring corrective lenses. We have a wide range of prescriptions’ lens in stock. Your lens will be installed into your mask by instructors before being shipped out.

Nearsightedness - (Minus Diopters/Sphere) That condition of the ocular refraction in which the posterior principal focus of the eye lies in front of the retinal plane, so that neutral light waves, entering the eye in a state of rest, instead of focusing on the retina, come to a focus before they reach it, are reversed, and fall on the retina in diffusion circles of plus waves.
For the near sighted
Negative Left (OS) Lens
Negative Right (OD) Lens

Far sightedness - (Positive Diopters/Sphere) That condition of ocular refraction in which the posterior principal focus of the eye lies back of the retinal plane, so that neutral light waves instead of focusing on the retina, fall on the retina in diffusion circles of unfocused waves.
Two Styles available:
#1 Lower Half of Lens – aka: Bi-Focals
Bifocal Left (OS) Lens
Bifocal Right (OD) Lens

#2 For the far sighted - Positive Lens (Full Lens)
Positive Left (OS) Lens
Positive Right (OD) Lens

Mask Accessories

If you live in a year round warm & moist climate remember, critters like to nibble on the silicone mask products.  Once dry, place the mask in your mask box & store it in a cool, dry place. 

For added enjoyment, consider purchasing a Strap Wrapper.  For divers and snorkelers not using a hood while diving in warmer water, you’ll find the Wrapper a comfortable addition to your mask.  The Wrapper slides over the strap and is placed on the back side of the mask strap.

To complete the care of your mask, every diver should carry a Save-A- Dive Kit.  We have 3 kits available that include a spare mask strap, a snorkel keeper and other important items!

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