25 Reasons to Choose Flipfins

No. 1 - Flipfins ARE the future of diving!

No. 2 - No more wasted time & energy!

No. 3 - Reduced stress, more fun!

No. 4 - NOT last to dive!

No. 5 - As intelligently designed as the rest of your pro dive gear!

No. 6 - Makes rescue and military operations safer and more efficient!

No. 7 - Slippery rocks...no problem!

No. 8 - Trainers love working in them!

No. 9 - Become more stable and less clumsy!

No. 10 - No more dropped gear when handling fins!

No. 11 - They make you look cool and confident!

No. 12 - No more drifting when removing your fins!

No. 13 - Walk from the car fully geared up right into the water!

No. 14 - No more tripping over your fins!

No. 15 - No more inhaling diesel fumes while waiting to climb the ladder!

No. 16 - More stability at the boat gate prior to jumping into the water!

No. 17 - No more struggling to squeeze in and out of fins in the water!

No. 18 - They put the fun back into diving!

No. 19 - Makes the start and finish of the dive a lot more relaxing!

No. 20 - Be first to the food table after the dive!

No. 21 - Packs well in your suitcase!

No. 22 - Gets you noticed on the beach!

No. 23 - No more slamming shins into the boat ladder!

No. 24 - Alternate blades and styles will be available!

No. 25 - Made in the USA!