Scuba diving calendar of events by

scuba diving calendar of events by

March 2  -  March 2   California Wreck Divers Annual Banquet, El Segundo, CA, USA

Robert Marx, is a renowned diver, author and historian with more than 50 years of original research in every major archive and library around the world. He has amassed files comprising data on more than 28,500 shipwrecks around the globe dating from the Greek era to modern times, including all known shipwrecks whose cargoes contained at least $10 million worth of treasure. He has written more than 50 books, hundreds of articles and produced or shot over 50 documentary films giving expert advice on locating, surveying, excavating, identifying and preserving artifacts from sunken vessels. A historian by instinct and an adventurer at heart, Marx sailed from Spain to San Salvador in Nina II, a replica of one of Columbus’ tiny ships, discovered Mayan temples in the jungles of Central America and has discovered and excavated ancient shipwrecks in over 60 sites worldwide. Marx has lectured professionally for more than forty-five years throughout the United States and in forty-two countries. As this year’s featured speaker, he will once again present CWD with tales of shipwrecks, salvage and treasure.

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