Scuba diving calendar of events by

scuba diving calendar of events by

August 16  -  August 24   "Dive Away" Diving and Hyperbaric Medicine Conference, Dauin-Dumaguete, Philippines
this six-day course in diving & hyperbaric medicine is open to everyone, but is an exciting and opportune way for physicians, nurses and health professionals to earn continuing medical education credits while enjoying one of the most beautiful, adventurous and exciting islands in the philippines - and, of course, there is 
fantastic diving! the objectives/goals of this cme course is to provide a 
comprehensive overview of diving medicine, cover many topics related to hyperbaric medicine in order to
provide the participant with the tools necessary to 
understand: - how the undersea environment affects divers - discussing fitness to dive and return to diving issues - the evaluation of diving related injuries, - the management of these conditions, and much more
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