Compressor Room has a state-of-the-art air fill station for your convenience. At the heart of our facility is a MaxAir model 90 Compact E1 compressor capable of 10.8 cubic feet per minute. This keeps the whole fill station supplied with a fast source of clean, dry breathing air for all your diving and compressed air needs.

6 tank fill stations for both DIN and standard yoke tanks means that you or your entire family can get fills in a hurry. No need to drop off and come back – unless you want to. Convenience is the key.

For our divers under extreme pressure, we have a Haskel scuba air booster compressor, capable of filling ultra high hoop wrap tanks to 4350psi. This ensures that, no matter how advanced or diverse your fill requirements are, can and will accommodate every diver’s needs safely and efficiently.

3200 cubic feet of air storage capacity allows us to fill your tank with less wait time. This is another part of our clean air system that assures the highest level of professional service and convenience.

Trace Analytics certified Grade E2 insures the highest quality breathing air is filling your cylinder. This means that we are monitored by an independent source that every 3 months the air you breathe is tested to insure the highest quality air possible because there is no place for second best at

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