Scuba Diving your way to better hair
By Melinda Herndon, Scuba Instructor

I have long hair with unnatural blond highlights and over the course of my 20 years of diving I've tried every possible technique to protect my hair from the ravages of chlorine and salt.

Well, thanks to SubSeries and their fantastic line of ocean and chlorine specific hair care products, those days are forever behind me.

No more, will I experience the dread of ripping my hair to shreds during post dive comb outs.  No more will my cool vacation photos feature clown-grade frizzy hair.

"No more, will I experience the dread of ripping my hair to shreds during post dive comb outs."

I remember the puzzling process of trying to remember what color hair I was born with and dying it back to that color in hopes that it would hold up better to the salt water exposure if I didn’t bleach it; only to learn that it was impossible to keep the color looking nice due to the fading that occurred in the pool and ocean environments.

I tried mayonnaise, baby oil, braiding, tight swim caps and more before finding the SubSeries products.

I use the shampoo and conditioner daily because the quality is high and the price is equal to that for any other salon grade hair care products.  It’s also cool that the bottles look like scuba tanks.  It just seems to start my day out right to use these fine products and to be reminded of all of my amazing diving adventures even though the day at hand may have less excitement in store.

I feel good to purchase a product that has been engineered and fabricated here in the USA.  The same scientific minds that created many of the Avena Hair and body products are responsible for my gorgeous post dive hair.

I love the scalp tingle and smell of the peppermint oil infused shampoo which thoroughly cleans, yet does not dry out my long hair.

I love the conditioner, which is fast and easy to use. No long, dramatic shower stints.  Rub a small amount in and rinse it out after 2 minutes.  This product provides sun protection and the keratin makes the hair shaft stronger.

The crown jewel…the secret weapon…is the hair protectant.  It is in a pump bottle and has keratin and some oils and other magical ingredients that turbo charge your hair shafts to make them hard and slick so they do not yield to the normal  damage that salt and chlorine can do.  If I carried a dozen extra bottles with me on a day of diving, I could sell them all as you will absolutely wow fellow long haired divers when u emerge and effortlessly run a comb through your hair at the end of each dive.

Is it too much to ask for underwater adventure and great hair afterwards?  Not any more.

$69.95 for all three 8 ounce products at