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Boat Coat / Dive Parka With Hood and Polar Fleece Lining
Retail: $100.00 - 30% off
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Deluxe XLarge Dive The World Embroidered Towel $24.95


Folding Wetsuit Hanger $11.99

Divers Baseball Cap

Dive Flag and Float
Retail: $22.48 - 55% off
Light & Motion
Sola Dive 1200 L.E.D. Hands Free Light
Dive Alert Plus V.2
Retail: $79.95 - 15% off

Video: Scuba Dive Flag and Float Video Review

  • Excellent stability in rough water while towing
  • Be seen by boats
  • Increase your visibility
  • Easy to carry in your dive bag
  • Easy to inflate
  • Large "Diver Below" displayed on side
  • Complete with:
    • 12" x 15" flag
    • Towline attachment ring
  • Color: Red and White
  • Brand new & completely redesigned
    Not like most other sites that sell the old discontinued model
  • Surface and Underwater Signaling Device
  • On the surface a blast of sound that can be heard up to a mile away
  • Installation is easy and takes only a moment
  • Specially designed, small, lightweight air horn
  • Standard Type I - Compatible with 85% of all power inflators except if fitted with the a breathable type inflator
    Customer reviews
with 100 ft. of Line Add $12.95
with Camera Tray and Arm Kit and Locline Mount Add $118.00


Scuba Rescue Diver Textbook


Coil Lanyard


Deluxe Log Book $16.95

Ocean Quest
Arctic Clear Hd Scuba Dive Mask
Retail: $109.00 - 63% off
Ocean Quest
Caribbean Full Foot Dive Fins
Retail: $50.00 - 60% off
Ocean Quest
Pacific Totally Dry Snorkel
Retail: $49.95 - 32% off

360 product view

Video: Ocean Quest Pacific Totally Dry Snorkel Video Review360 product view
  • Ideal for warm water
  • Water is channeled to the rear for superior propulsion
  • Soft molded foot pocket for added comfort
  • Lightweight design for easy travel
  • Provide smooth and strong thrust with effortless kick
  • Sizes: 3 through 13
  • Colors: Black with Blue accents
    Customer reviews
  • Free Safety Whistle with Lanyard included
  • Totally Dry Snorkel
  • Perfect for the novice to the experienced snorkeler
  • Dry Snorkel Technology eliminates water entry without sacrificing performance
  • Replaceable Silicone mouthpiece/Standard size (Optional: Small mouthpiece available see below to order)
  • Colors: Red, Crystal Blue, Black, Neon Yellow
2oz Mask Defog with Carabiner Add $7.95



Mask Bag with Defog $11.95

Mask, Fin, Snorkel Backpack


Spare/Replacement Silicone Snorkel Keeper $2.95

Bella Women´s Scuba BC
Retail: $617.00 - 67% off
Compact Dry Dive Bag
5mm Form Plus Steamer Wetsuit
Retail: $288.00 - 65% off

  • Designed specifically for a woman
  • Contoured hips
  • Wrap-around air bladder for "hug" effect and total control
  • Monoprene pads in shoulder area for increased topside comfort
  • 3 Over Pressure / Dump Valves
  • Color: Black with Navy accents or Black with Gray accents
  • Sizes: XLarge
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  • Roll-top closure
  • Durable, waterproof construction
  • Perfect for keys, cell phones, binoculars, cameras, etc.
  • Dimensions: 19" x 10" x 1"
  • Capacity: 183 cubic inches
  • Weight: 0.44 lbs
  • Color: Black
    Customer reviews
  • Smooth-cut neckline for comfort
  • Heavy-duty abrasion resistant fabric in the knees, seat and shoulders for added durability
  • Back zip with leash (pull cord)
  • Adjustable velcro collar - helps keep cold out
  • Heavy-duty metal zipper
  • Women's Sizes: XSmall, Medium

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Closeout - Limited to Stock on Hand

Airwave Plus Inline Octo Add $159.95
Folding Wetsuit Hanger Add $11.99


BC hanger $11.99

True Dry Bag $9.95

Polyolefin Hot Socks

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Differences Between LED and Halogen Scuba Diving Lights
Instructional Video Review

This instructional video explains the difference between the two major types of dive lights. They are the Halogen, also known as Xenon, and LED (Light Emitting Diode). The Halogen has a single glass bulb just like any other light we are used to seeing and the LED light has a diode with no glass involved. The significant difference between the two is that the LED is much more durable and the light is a different spectrum. It is more of a white light unlike the halogen that has a yellow light to it. The LED also has a longer burning time than the Halogen bulb. The major advantage to an LED light is the amount of battery life you get. If you change your batteries three times with LED light you will end up changing your batteries nine times with halogen lights. Although the LED is about three times as much, in the long run you will save more money on batteries and bulbs.

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