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Welcome to the Scuba.com Diver Webpage Contest. The winner will be chosen by our panel of judges who will take into account your vote count and content when deciding the winner. This contest ends Wednesday, September 24, 2014. The winning prize is a $50 Scuba.com Gift Certificate. You may vote for as many diver webpages as you want, but only once per webpage. All diver webpages that are 100% complete are automatically entered into this contest. If you don't already have a diver webpage, create one for free to enter the contest. In the event of a tie, the prize will be split evenly among winners. You may only win once.

Congratulations to our last winner Tracy Saunders who won a $50 Scuba.com gift certificate.

Diver Webpage Contest Entries

tracy-saunders scuba diver profile Tracy Saunders in Walnut Grove, CA, USA
Certified 10/5/13...
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brian90x scuba diver profile Brian90X in Pensacola, FL, USA
Grew up watching Jacques Cousteau on TV and Jaws on the big screen. Always lived near and been fascinated by...
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bunny scuba diver profile Bunny in Jacksonville, USA
Married, beautiful children, and work for a living. Love to Scuba Dive, glad to be diving again.
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marinebio scuba diver profile Looking for Dive Buddies marinebio in S. Florida (Ft. Pierce), USA
President/Founder of MarineBio.org (MarineBio Conservation Society): marinebio.org/marinebio - 48 yrs old.
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blueeyes630 scuba diver profile Looking for Love BlueEyes630 in Custer Park, IL, USA
I love SCUBA. My deepest dive to date was 145´ in Guanaja, Bay Islands, Honduras. I prefer warmer water. ...
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scuba-janice-aka-scuba-chick scuba diver profile Looking for Dive Buddies Scuba Janice (aka: Scuba Chick) in Apple Valley, CA, USA
I´m now a Divemaster and I love underwater...
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scubakid22 scuba diver profile Scubakid22 in San Pedro, Belize, Belize
I am a 12 yr old diver who spends summers diving in Belize.
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mfeebious scuba diver profile M_Feebious in planet earth, Singapore
live life!!!
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divingjohnnyc scuba diver profile Looking for Dive Buddies divingjohnnyc in Pittsburg, USA
Recently retired and love to dive.
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baramsori scuba diver profile Looking for Dive Buddies Baramsori in korean, South Korea
I´m korean diver
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fope scuba diver profile Looking for Dive Buddies fope in Brest, Belarus
beginner scuba diver
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randy-smith scuba diver profile Randy Smith in Costa Mesa, CA, USA
Husband. Son. Cat owner. I also happen to manage a cafe, and have a mild addiction to gadgets. Began diving...
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chemy scuba diver profile Chemy in Venezuela, Venezuela
Diver, from Venezuela, if you come here I may help you to find a good place to dive and maybe a dive buddies...
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magelan scuba diver profile Looking for Dive Buddies Magelan in Moscow, Russian Federation
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serenitydiver scuba diver profile SERENITYDIVER in SHARM EL-SHEIKH, Egypt
i am professional " m.s.d.t " padi diving instructor , i work and live in the beautiful city sharm el-sheikh
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mojoking scuba diver profile MoJoKing in Palmetto, USA
Of Native American decent, fishing is in my blood.
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ashley scuba diver profile Ashley in Richmond, USA
photographer,Nurse,Friend, Mermaid
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scuba-mikey scuba diver profile Looking for Dive Buddies SCUBA MIKEY in TOLEDO,OHIO, MADISONVILLE,TN, USA
I have 8 Dives at Loch Low-Minn!I´m Naui Certified Open Water Diver on 09-02-2012, the deepest i have been to...
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dive-queen scuba diver profile Looking for Dive Buddies Dive Queen in South Texas, USA
Howdy Y´all! Married, but husband doesn´t dive, so always looking for a female Dive Buddy and not having much...
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jon scuba diver profile Jon in INDY, USA
Retired teacher who no longer has to look only to spring and summer breaks to travel to tropical climates for...
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jnielsen scuba diver profile JNielsen in Spokane, WA, USA
Work in Health Care.
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tattoosteve scuba diver profile Looking for Dive Buddies tattoosteve in Santa Ana, USA
looking to go diving as much as possible....
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outtosea2 scuba diver profile Looking for Love outtosea2 in Venice, FL now - formerly from God´s Country Wisconsin, USA
SWM, NAUI Advanced DIA diver - highly experienced...
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isda4u2c scuba diver profile Looking for Dive Buddies ISDa_4u2c in Baguio City, Philippines, Saudi Arabia
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fernz scuba diver profile Fernz in Whananaki - NZ, Australia
originally from " The Bay of Islands " Northland - NZ, now living in Perth, Western Australia.
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sensei scuba diver profile Sensei in New Franklin, Manchester, OH, USA
35 year old, married, father of five boys... Former Navy Diver(seems like forever ago), Getting back into it,...
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jimdiver scuba diver profile Looking for Dive Buddies jimdiver in Malta, Philippines
I am looking for new cool buddies from all over the globe. I just don´t dive, I am diving, I am a diver. I...
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michaelrdyer scuba diver profile Looking for Dive Buddies michaelrdyer in Las Vegas, USA
Learning to scuba in the desert :)
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diverrob scuba diver profile Looking for Dive Buddies diverrob in Boca Raton, FL, USA
The wife, daughter #3, and I were all certified for OW in September 2012. The daughter and I were Nitrox...
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captaindave scuba diver profile CaptainDave in Muscat, Oman
Expat PADI DM working and living in SW Asia.
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ryan-mac scuba diver profile Ryan Mac in Commerce, MI, Japan
32 year old guy living in Okinawa.
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shaka scuba diver profile Shaka in Newcastle, Wa, USA
Been diving cold seas and warm seas for 40 years. Gave up skydiving- too boring, but I´ll stop diving when...
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drb scuba diver profile drb in COLFAX, CA., USA
My absolute passion is diving, But my biggest blessing is my beautiful family.
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nlq scuba diver profile NLQ in Budapest, Hungary
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bookie scuba diver profile Bookie in Pittsburgh, USA
A bad hair day is when my hair isnt wet!
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Showing 1-35 out of 492 webpage contest entries. View all diver webpages.
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Recent Dive Slate Comments

  • Hi Frank, its Angela again. Just finished up with a new school certification and am planning on coming down to the Naples, FL area the 2nd week of October. Let me know...
    BlueEyes630 on 9/12/2014
  • Its saying theres not enough disk space, so not sure what to do.
    Brian90X on 8/13/2014
  • Will upload photos from Gilboa Quarry soon.
    Brian90X on 8/9/2014
  • I have a Nikon D5200 I had no idea that ikelite make a housing that would fit. Where do you like to dive at the most?
    Ashley on 6/14/2014
  • I am a freelance photographer. Mostly nature and animals. I would love to do underwater film and photo but the good equipment is super pricey. So i plan to dable in it a...
    Ashley on 6/13/2014
    outtosea2 on 5/24/2014
  • I just got back from Belize will upload photos soon.Happy Diving Everyone.
    SCUBA_Fish on 5/22/2014
  • Nothing yet, but looking at the Bahamas, maybe an Aquacat Trip or something.
    Tracy Saunders on 2/21/2014

Recent Diver Photos

by M_Feebious

by M_Feebious

by M_Feebious

Bearded Toad
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Lion Fish
Lion Fish by divingjohnnyc

Three Band Anemone
Three Band Anemone by divingjohnnyc

Grey Angel
Grey Angel by divingjohnnyc

Best Night Dive Ever
Best Night Dive Ever by divingjohnnyc

Big Guy
Big Guy by divingjohnnyc

Who i am.....
Who i am..... by Baramsori

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